While there is no defining statistic, most businesses can get beneficial results from social media marketing. Many business owners like seeing their social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, etc., and more importantly, like seeing their social media posts “liked.”

The flip side of this is that many have no idea how to effectively measure the results or even what they should be measuring.   In fact, according to recent survey by the American Marketing Association, many organizations expressed frustration with not knowing how effective their social media marketing is. Read more

diverse group of medical staffIn today’s world of highly competitive talent acquisition, HR teams are the most important Brand Advocates for hospitals and health systems.

Recruitment marketing can be sexy and provocative to entice the right people to join an organization, but not unlike customer service, employee service must be a constant incredible experience.  When we put our own people first, we build a positive workplace culture. Building a positive workplace culture, leads to increased employee engagement. Increased employee engagement, leads to significantly better outcomes for talent acquisition.

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Hospitals and Healthcare Systems around have begun to face a common problem: The issue of having too much data, but not a clear and efficient way to use it.

Thanks to new technologies, collecting data on our nursing candidates has never been easier. But there’s still a lag in how that data is processed and put to use.

By using data to drive your nurse recruitment decisions, you pave the way for improvement in critical areas like budget allocation, productivity/efficiency, uncovering hiring issues that exist and the ability to  reach more objective hiring decisions.

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Creating content allows you to add value, build trust, and engage candidates.

Talent acquisition for many hospitals was a major challenge before the coronavirus outbreak, now it’s nearly an impossible task for some facilities. In today’s highly competitive labor market, particularly in healthcare, talent acquisition teams need to be more proactive when it comes to targeting, engaging and hiring top talent.

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Here are seven solutions that can be implemented now.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many hospitals struggled to hire enough staff to keep up with the nation’s growing elderly population. Now, with the growing patient demand and some healthcare workers themselves being told to stay home due to the virus, the need is exploding across the country.

  • Coronavirus adds to the stress of an already troubling nationwide nursing shortage
  • Nurses are in higher demand than ever with hundreds of healthcare workers being sidelined due to the coronavirus.
  • Healthcare workers with children home from school also struggling to get to work
  • Hospitals and Health Systems fear a potential “domino effect” in which nurses begin to get sick, and nurse staffing crisis would make the health crisis worse.

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It’s up to healthcare recruiters to think like marketers by putting themselves in the candidates’ shoes.

The way hospitals and healthcare systems recruit have profoundly changed over the course of just a few short years. The job market is now ninety percent candidate driven, which means that, unlike the old days, we don’t select talent any longer. Talent selects us.

When seeking a new opportunity, healthcare professionals consider prospective employers the same way they make any other buying decision including reading reviews, listening to testimonials and consuming informative content.

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6 Important Recruitment Metrics for Healthcare Recruitment

As the saying goes, what gets measured, gets fixed.  Which is why paying attention to recruitment metrics is an essential part of any recruitment marketing program for hospitals and health systems.

If recruiters would keep track of every recruiting metric under the sun, we’d have no time left to do actual recruiting. (Or pretty much anything else). The main things to understand are – where your candidates are coming from, how many are you attracting, and whether or not you are attracting the right kind of candidates to your organization.

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For healthcare recruiters, conducting a SWOT analysis can be the driver and framework for all of their recruitment marketing activities including the messages they use, the media they select, and the tone, personality and voice in how they communicate with perspective candidates.

SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis) is a framework for identifying and analyzing the internal and external factors that can have an impact on the viability of a project, product, place or person.

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Recruitment marketing is moving at the speed of light these days. Talent Acquisition Professionals can stay on top of the latest trends by reading blogs regularly. In order to make this process easier, I’ve compiled a short list of some of the top recruiting blogs out there today. Read more

Healthcare organizations and hospitals can go from being an also-ran to recruiting Super Bowl Champion by following a few simple but important guidelines:

Healthcare organizations large and small are all striving for the top experienced candidates in a very tight and competitive job market. Now more than ever, experienced doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and others have the leverage over hospitals and health systems. There are simply not enough skilled workers to go around.

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As baby boomers continue to retire, millennials will continue to make up more and more of the healthcare workforce.

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, in 2016, Millennials surpassed Gen X to be the largest generation currently in the US workforce.

As of 2017 Census data, 56 million Millennials (aged 21 to 36) were working or looking for work. By 2020, Millennials will account for half of the workforce.

The following are tips on how for hospitals and health systems can position themselves to attract and hire this new and emerging talent.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Media Plan for Healthcare Recruitment

Developing an annual media plan to fill your open positions can help you lower your cost per hire, give you a clear picture of where your recruitment marketing dollars are going and provide a cohesive blueprint to all of your recruiting activities.

As opposed to just reacting to the newest greatest need, a well-thought out media plan allows your healthcare organization to be proactive in its pursuit of top talent to fill their most critical needs.

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The New Year kicks off new resolutions, new goals and typically in healthcare, new important hiring initiatives. Be ready to attract top candidates by having a solid plan in place.

Having an annual recruitment marketing and media plan is essential to the success of reaching and attracting potential employees while at the same time building a long term and sustainable employer brand.

This will require a skillful mix of content in many forms, social and digital media and applicant tracking technology. If you have not already done so, now is a good time to review and/or implement the following strategies in your recruitment marketing program:

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Content Marketing is a proven way to create awareness for your Employer Brand.

Most healthcare recruiters are already stretched for time, and little of that time is devoted to developing and executing a marketing plan to attract top talent. For many healthcare organizations, the “plan” devolves into a series of spray and pray tactics –Facebook ads, random job postings, resume mining… all done on the fly in the hopes of generating a few quick candidates.

What’s needed instead, is a well thought out content recruitment marketing program.

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Leverage and communicate your key unique strengths in order to compete with large Health Systems.

The acute shortage of nurses and allied health professionals has been well documented in the healthcare industry. While the shortage of experienced professionals is an industry-wide issue, those hardest hit are often the stand alone, community hospitals struggling to compete for top talent with the big health systems.

Community hospitals, are, as the name implies, integral part of the neighborhoods in which they exist – delivering babies, taking care of emergencies and employing people from the surrounding areas.

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Developing a robust talent pipeline addresses your hiring needs for both the present and the future.

A talent pipeline is defined as a ready-made pool of applicants that can be quickly tapped into whenever a resignation, retirement or new position opens up.

However, many organizations do not nurture, grow or invest in their talent community thus creating an endless cycle of dealing with short term emergency hiring needs.

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While in the past, SEO was reserved primarily for consumer marketing, more and more healthcare organizations are implementing it as part of a comprehensive recruitment marketing plan.

In order to understand better how it can work for HR, we sat down with two healthcare marketing experts to get their take on SEO and its best practices for recruitment.

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By using advanced digital marketing techniques traditionally employed in consumer marketing, recruiters can stand a better chance at bringing in more qualified candidates.

The modern recruitment marketing plan must be more like a consumer marketing plan and less like an old school recruitment plan. The reasoning behind this is simple: Today’s most sought after candidates consider new job opportunities and new employers the same way that they might consider buying a car, a home or any other consumer driven purchase.

Include the following elements in your recruitment marketing plan to ensure you’re speaking to your candidate:

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Take a deeper dive in to these sites to enhance your social recruitment marketing.

 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: The mainstays of many healthcare recruitment marketing plans. Certainly it makes sense given Facebook’s 30 million business pages, Twitter’s hundreds of million tweets per day and LinkedIn’s 500 million users. But looking beyond the big three, there are other social media sites that offer the same targeting opportunities with less noise, clutter and competition.

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Honest and open two-way communication are critical to Employee Retention.

Nearly every healthcare organization has a plan to attract and hire top talent but how many have a program designed to keep their rising stars happy and nurture their growth?

Many healthcare organizations are reluctant to discuss underlying organizational issues let alone address them head on with employees. But that can ultimately be a recipe for disaster. The following are a few ways you can head employee issues off at the pass and keep the staff you’ve worked so hard to obtain in the first place.

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This often overlooked and underutilized marketing tactic can be the difference between finding or missing out on the right candidate.

Marketers all over the world utilize SEO to introduce their products and services to customers, so why don’t healthcare organizations use it to reach and obtain top talent?

Many recruiters often assume they won’t be able to compete with Indeed and the other major players in the search results.  This isn’t always true and it decreases the number of organizations even trying it in the first place because they assume a poor ROI.

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 Your postings should promote your employer brand and give candidates their first opportunity to learn about your healthcare organization.

 A hospital job posting serves an important purpose: Broadcast your open positions to a lot of candidates, across a broad spectrum of industry niche sites, general job boards and professional associations.

However job postings can also be an effective and valuable recruitment marketing tool if crafted the right way. There are opportunities to tell your healthcare organization’s story and get job seekers excited about your opportunities.

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Healthcare Employers need to consistently monitor and nurture their employer brand to win the war for top talent.

In today’s highly competitive labor market, it takes more than wages, benefits or location to consistently attract top talent. The best candidates want to know what the culture is like, what growth opportunities are available and how they’ll be treated as employees. All of these critical elements are commonly communicated through a healthcare organization’s employer brand.

When making a decision on where to apply for a job, 84% of job seekers say reputation of a company as an employer is extremely important. (Glassdoor, Harris Poll, April 2017) Read more

In today’s challenging healthcare labor market, referral programs are still one the best uses of healthcare marketing dollars to get high quality employees with a positive ROI.

There’s no doubt that a successful employee referral program can make the difference between achieving organizational hiring objectives and having to pay thousands of dollars in agency fees to plug the talent gaps.

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The key to creating a successful hiring event is proper advance planning and preparation.

It seems like now more than ever, the modern healthcare recruiter needs their hiring events to be successful. Considering the acute shortages in nursing, allied health, and general labor, hospitals and healthcare systems can not commit precious dollars, time and resources to an Open House only to come up empty.

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Instagram & stethoscope

The key to getting a candidate’s attention is to tell them a compelling story about your organization. 

Strategically smart healthcare organizations looking for top talent have figured out that the secret to getting a passive candidate’s attention is to tell a great story about their company – and there’s hardly a better social media channel to do that than Instagram.

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Creating content allows you to add value, build trust, better engage candidates and showcase your expertise on various subject matters.

Health care staffing is already one of the biggest challenges for talent acquisition professionals, and it will only get worse as the population ages. According to a 2017 survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit  a looming talent shortage is top of mind for more than 90 percent of U.S. hospital executives.

Despite this, many healthcare organizations still use old school interruption methods of talent acquisition. In modern talent acquisition, candidates are interested in a relationship with your brand.

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Developing and communicating your unique brand is the only way to attract top talent.

Ask any Talent Acquisition professional and they’ll tell you that the war for top healthcare talent is in full swing. It’s no longer enough for healthcare systems to simply market their programs and services to consumers. The reality is that these organizations must now market their attributes by applying the same focus and consistency to their employer branding as they apply to their corporate and consumer branding.

As a result, promotion of the talent brand is now front and center as a marketing initiative. There are many factors that have dictated this shift in focus over the past few years including the following: Read more

The explosion of growth in social, mobile and digital media have overtaken many more traditional forms of advertising – print, radio and direct mail for example – and as far as advertisers are concerned, has rendered them somewhat obsolete.

According to a recent media spend survey, social media — advertising on sites like Facebook and Twitter — will see the most growth at 31% this year, followed by video (29%) and mobile (20%).

Search advertising will this year continue to account for the biggest proportion of spend, at 45% of all digital ad revenues.

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Having a career site and an ATS that works in harmony is key to candidate conversions.

Every recruiter wants a fully functional Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a career website that provides a great experience for their candidates and ease-of-use for the recruitment team.

The Career Site is essentially an online representation of your talent brand. It should tell candidates who you are and why they should work for your healthcare organization. An additional function is to make it easy for candidates to find your jobs and easily apply for them.

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Call to Action Button
A clear call to action drives candidates towards your ultimate goal – more conversions.

I am always amazed how many healthcare organizations spend countless hours and recruitment dollars looking to attract candidates to their website – only to fail to tell those candidates what to do when they get there.

A clear call-to-action or CTA, tells candidates very clearly and succinctly what the next steps are and what they can expect when they take them and utilizing CTA’s is essential to adding top healthcare talent to your recruitment pipeline.

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5 Tips for Mobile Recruiting for Healthcare Recruitment
Turn more career site visits into conversions with an effective mobile recruiting strategy.

Delivering an exceptional mobile experience for your candidates isn’t difficult or expensive, but it is essential in today’s age of 24/7 mobile device usage. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many, these devices are a key entry point to the online world.

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Equal parts Recruitment and Retention tactics are the key

Nearly every healthcare organization struggles with recruitment and retention of experienced nurses. The challenges are multifactorial and can include everything from retirement of existing nurses, mergers and acquisitions of hospitals and health systems, poor morale, leadership issues and unsafe nurse-to-patient ratios.

The need for experienced nurses is only going to intensify in he coming years. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for 525,000 replacements nurses in the workforce, bringing the total number of job openings for nurses due to growth and replacements to 1.05 million by 2022.

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5 Tips on Desktop screen
A landing page for your healthcare recruitment campaign will help increase engagement and convert candidates into new hires.

A landing page is a page within your healthcare recruitment website that candidates ‘land’ on when they traffic from any online source. It’s the page a candidate will see after clicking on a link related to your healthcare organization. This link could be from a job posting, a social media ad, a Google search or from any of your healthcare recruitment marketing tactics.

A landing page for your healthcare recruitment campaign allows you to have a singular focused message and target specific audiences within your overall recruitment strategy.

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To find the right person for your open position, you’ve got to be a part of the right conversations.

Healthcare recruiters are all too familiar with the strategy of posting jobs on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But in today’s highly competitive war for top healthcare talent, that is often not enough.

While Facebook and its 1.45 billion users worldwide need a place in your recruitment marketing plan, it is also critically important to include niche social sites and online communities to help find passive candidates for your hard-to-fill positions.

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Great Blog Content
Knowing your audience is the key to creating great content

Writing a blog for your healthcare organization without a clear understanding of what your readers are interested in is a recipe for disaster. It is essential to understand what is important to your audience and write to serve their needs.

While many healthcare recruiters look to social media and job postings as the first tools in their recruiter tool kit to utilize, a long-form blog can help create deeper relationships with candidates as opposed to the brevity of social media posts.

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group of healthcare workers thumbs up

There is no more powerful tool when recruiting employees to your healthcare organization than the employee testimonial. 

When you utilize employee testimonials to promote your healthcare organization you create a unique opportunity to showcase your employer brand and culture to potential new hires via the words of your own employees.

Employee testimonials are effective because job applicants prefer the input of other people (who are similar to them) and it gives your healthcare organization a human persona.

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IT Pro
Use a combination of new and tested methods for discovering qualified IT candidates for your healthcare organization.

While Nursing, Physician and Allied Health Professionals typically take top priority for healthcare recruiters, acquiring top IT talent to your healthcare organization is as equally important.

As Information Technology increasingly penetrates the healthcare industry, physicians, staff and patients are experiencing the benefits of on-demand access to medical information where, when and how it is needed.

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Pinterest for Healthcare

Use Pinterest to present images and content that represent who you are as a healthcare employer and why a candidate would be interested in working for you.

Many Healthcare recruitment organizations have developed and executed strategies for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest? Not so much.

However before you blow off the online pinboard, realize that Pinterest is a highly popular social curation platform that presents healthcare recruiters with a vast and growing audience that may be interested in your facility, your openings and your employer brand.

According to DMR, a popular clearinghouse for original and curated digital marketing tips, news and stats, Pinterest now boasts over 100 million active users.

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When it comes to securing the talent of tomorrow, Instragram is a highly credible, highly utilized social media channel.

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most dominant social networks. Officially launched on April 6, 2010, Instagram had over 1 million users in a month and there are now over 300 million active users worldwide.

According to Sprout Social, a leading social media management and engagement platform for businesses, 53% of those users are between the ages of 18 – 29, which makes Instagram a great platform for reaching the emerging millennial talent pool.

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Core values concept word cloud background

When marketed effectively, company values can mean the difference between winning or losing out on the right employee for your healthcare organization.

Company values are the organizational “glue” that connects your hospital or healthcare system and your employees and to the reasons why they work for you. In fact, according to the recruitment blog talentsmoothie, the effective communication of a company’s values can improve the commitment of new hires by up to 29%.

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allied healthcare

Use these effective and targeted tools to reach and recruit this critically important population.

The impending shortages of doctors and nurses for healthcare organizations have been well documented in the media and the healthcare industry. However, the shortage of Allied Health Professionals is a less talked about but equally important issue for hospitals, medical groups and healthcare organizations.

According to the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals (ASAHP) Allied Health professionals are made up of dental hygienists, diagnostic medical sonographers, dietitians, medical technologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, radiographers, respiratory therapists, and speech language pathologists. Allied health professionals comprise nearly 60% of the healthcare workforce.

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young doctor

A workplace that engages and retains this emerging generation of workers is key to healthcare recruitment success.

If you’re wondering whether or not you need to be targeting and recruiting Millennials, the statistics are pretty clear that you should be.

Born between 1977 and 2000, Millennials now make up 25% of the U.S. population and according to recent studies, they are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce.

Also, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, by 2050, the U.S. Census predicts that 19.6 million American workers will be 65 years or older, roughly 19 percent of the total U.S. workforce. In fact, the number of individuals in the labor force who are 65 years or older is expected to grow by 75 percent while the number of individuals in the workforce who are 25 to 54 is only expected to grow by 2 percent.

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Global healthcare places

Follow these out-of-the-box tips to lower your cost per hire and increase your candidate pool.

Every healthcare recruiter is familiar with job boards, email blasts and career fairs. But the ability to find more of the right talent more often than your competitors can mean the difference between winning and losing for many healthcare organizations.

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Portrait of a smiling doctor

For most healthcare organizations, the key to success lies in its ability to recruit and retain top doctors.

No matter the size or scope, a healthcare system or hospital is only as good as the care it provides and the credentials of its physician population.Yet, physician recruitment remains one of the most daunting challenges for healthcare recruiters. According to the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, 45 percent of searches were to replace a departing physician provider; 33 percent of which were still unfilled at the end of a year. According to same survey, 131 days was the typical time period to fill a primary care position, the most sought-after of all physician roles.

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diverse group of medical staff

A healthcare workforce made up of multi-cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and abilities presents many key advantages.

In an incredibly competitive healthcare recruitment environment, no stone can be left unturned when it comes to finding and hiring top talent. And yet, so many healthcare organizations fail to properly tap into a mostly untapped pipeline of available talent through Diversity recruitment.

A diverse employee base can help your healthcare organization connect with customers and patients from all walks of life, it increases employee morale, engagement and can also help with recruitment and retention of your workforce.

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video player

When it comes to recruiting top talent, the use of video has become a key difference maker for healthcare organizations.

There’s no question that video, in all its multi-media glory, increases employer brand awareness and online engagement and most importantly helps convert candidates into new hires. In fact, according to Hubspot, 78% of people watch videos online every week.

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Build a Website

To hire top talent, you need a career site that sings.

There are many variables that go into developing a healthcare recruitment marketing campaign. But the single most important element – the all-important source of healthcare recruiting – lies in the company career site.

Your healthcare career site should be equal parts of your employer brand, which is made up of who you are, what you stand for and why people would want to work for you; your star employees and their success stories, elements of your consumer brand and of course your easy-to-find job openings.

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Businesswoman pressing people icon on the digital touch screen

Harness the power of social media to source, engage and hire new talent.

Healthcare as an industry had been slow to adopt social marketing, but recruiters are ow realizing that it is critical to get up to speed, in order to remain competitive.

Use of social media across the healthcare industry is currently at an all time high. Naturally, recruiters are following these professionals, and a new generation of recruiting specialists has been spawned: the “Social Recruiter”, seen as some as a hybrid of both HR and marketing.

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LinkedIn Tools

Follow these best practices and become proficient in LinkedIn recruiting.

As many healthcare recruiters know, when proactively searching for qualified candidates, LinkedIn along with its many tools and features must be part of any hiring strategy.

LinkedIn is a the core of today’s recruiting function and a veritable gold mine of talent with over 300 million business professionals as members.

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Facebook Stethoscope

How to use Facebook for Healthcare Recruitment

Create and share great content to reach and attract candidates to your healthcare organization

There’s little doubt that in this day and age of healthcare recruiting, Facebook must be an integral part of any successful ad campaign. In fact, according to the recruitment blog The Undercover Recruiter, 67% of all job seekers using social media, use Facebook.

In addition to the sheer volume of users, healthcare recruiters can also benefit from Facebook’s laser-like targeting as well as its versatile ability to serve content to your audience in a variety of ways.

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Doctor in front of a group of medical workers

Staff your facility with Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners by following these key tips.

The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) estimates that the U.S. will face a physician shortage of over 90,000 physicians by 2020, a figure that is only expected to rise. This impending shortage coupled with the boom of more and more outpatient facilities, is placing NPs and PAs into an increasingly important role in primary care.

To further illustrate this, Staff Care reports that in 2012, 10 percent of all staffing requests from hospitals and clinics were for mid-level practitioners, compared to just two percent in 2010.

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Public relations Magnifying glass concept illustrationFinding the right talent starts with how that talent views your company.

If you’re looking a highly valuable and yet relatively inexpensive platform to promote your employer brand, you should consider adding Public Relations to your recruitment marketing mix.

PR helps develop a stronger and yet unbiased image of your healthcare organization and studies have shown that PR has seven times the credibility of advertising.

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 Top 10 Sign
Use these job boards to save time, money and find top talent.

Every good healthcare recruitment strategy requires a skillful mix of elements including print ads, digital banners, email marketing and of course job boards.

When used correctly, job boards provide a highly targeted, cost effective way to reach and attract top talent for your healthcare organization.

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blueprints and gears
Develop and execute an effective plan of action to bring in top nursing talent.

Healthcare organizations large and small struggle with the never-ending battle of recruiting and retaining experienced nurses. In addition to the fervent competition for top talent, there are less available experienced nurses in the pool.

The U.S. is projected to experience a shortage of RN’s as Baby Boomers retire and the need for health care grows. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 525,000 replacements nurses will be needed in the workforce bringing the total number of job openings for nurses due to growth and replacements to 1.05 million by 2022.

The bottom line is that every healthcare organization is trying to attract top nursing talent so you need to know where to look and how to make a splash.

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Twitter Clouds
Use these tips to source top talent on Twitter.

Every social media channel has its benefits and place in the world of healthcare recruitment. Facebook allows for you to offer a snapshot of your company culture while LinkedIn provides a platform for connecting directly with potential candidates. Twitter allows you to accomplish both of those things but in it’s own unique way.

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Wordpress on Tablet with Stethoscope
Consistent blogging will give you a competitive advantage in the war for top talent.

Ask most healthcare recruiters about their marketing tactics and you’ll the usual litany about job boards, career fairs and email blasts. But one of most effective strategies is often the one most overlooked and that is having an active blog on your career website. In fact, the blog should not only be a tactic, but it can act as one of the central pieces in your overall marketing plan.

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Smiling medical team
Achieve your recruiting goals by using digital marketing to recruit top healthcare talent.

Recruitment advertising has significantly changed in the past several years. Print is no longer king and now digital advertising has taken the forefront in recruitment strategy.

Having the ability to pinpoint your desired audience and engage them with messages specific to their personal and professional life is paramount to your recruitment success.

In order for today’s healthcare recruiters to improve their recruitment ROI while attracting top talent, a more effective way to go beyond traditional avenues of advertising is needed.

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Do's and Don'ts
Knowing the new etiquette can make the difference in hiring the candidate you want.

“According to Statista Facebook has already reached 1.49 billion active users as well as 304 million Twittter users and over 107 million Americans registered on LinkedIn.”

It’s a noisy social media world out there and the rules are changing every day. However, when used effectively, social media can give you an unparalleled advantage in attracting top healthcare talent.

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Calendar, Personal Organizer, Week.
The implementation of a content calendar will get your social media plan organized and improve your recruitment ROI.

Healthcare HR teams often start social media campaigns with the best of intentions. The Facebook page is created, jobs are posted and a smattering of “Likes” appear on the page.

But what often happens is that social media activities get pushed to the side in the face of the hectic pace of interviews, meetings and other day-to-day activities.

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Social Media Tools
In today’s ultra-competitive job market, recruitment and social media marketing strategies must be intertwined to attract top talent.

I’m often surprised by how many healthcare human resources departments are operating in the Stone Age as it relates to attracting top talent.

Organizations that are simply posting jobs that list generic qualifications, job responsibilities and clichés (“looking for a self-motivated team player”) are behind the times and losing the war for qualified candidates.

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Brightest Light
Follow these principals to ensure that you’re hiring and retaining the best and brightest.

It’s no secret that the health care organizations that perform the best are the ones with the best talent. Your organization can boast the latest technology and state-of-the-art everything, but without the talent in place to back it up, your company is going nowhere fast.

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SEO Search engine optimization cubes
Follow these basics to achieve SEO nirvana for your healthcare organization

One of the most misunderstood, yet most important, aspects of healthcare recruitment is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Ask healthcare recruiters about email marketing, display ads and Facebook? You’ll get a litany of case studies and results. SEO? Not so much.

But while unknown, SEO doesn’t have to induce an HR-sized brain cramp. When looking to get started, consider the following: Read more

social media icons
Boost you recruitment success with a savvy use of social Media

Right now, your best potential candidates are probably hanging out on a variety of social media sites, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. If you go where they live, you’ll have limitless opportunities to attract top talent, efficiently and instantaneously. But first, it’s important to understand how to utilize Social Media to your best advantage with an AUTHENTIC, ACTIVE presence that can give you an unparalleled advantage in attracting top, healthcare talent.

Yes, it’s a noisy, over-crowded, ever-shifting landscape out there, but you can stand out as a sought-after employer with these 5 INSIGHTS into using social media to maximize healthcare recruitment potential.

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Healthcare Marketing Plan

The key to recruiting success is creating a marketing plan and sticking to it.

A question that I am asked all the time by healthcare human resources clients is how to best allocate the limited resources that they have and create a marketing plan that reaches and attracts the best talent while giving them the best bang for their buck.

While the answer to this is multi-factorial, it’s important to realize that having some type of plan is a lot better than having no plan at all, which is how many healthcare organizations operate.

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Employee Retention
Follow these tips for a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

Employee retention is a critical component to the success of an organization. It is important to understand which engagement, communication and reward strategies work best for your healthcare organization.

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An SEO blueprint on how to drive qualified candidates to your job postings

It’s no longer good enough to post jobs on external job boards and wait for the resumes to pour in. Top talent has numerous employment options, and you are one of many vying for a candidate’s attention.

The simple truth is that most job searches start on search engines, not job boards. And Google has become the preeminent job seekers search tool of choice.

In fact, in a typical month, there are over 360,000,000 long tail job-related searches (e.g. highly targeted searches such as pediatric registered nurse Brooklyn ny) on Google. https://www.recruiter.com/i/4-search-engine-tips-to-attract-top-talent/ Thus, It is crucial to adhere to basic Google best practices in order for them to show you as a result in relevant job searches.

When someone starts their job search by asking Google, Yahoo or Bing to show them nursing jobs in a specific location, you want your careers page to be optimized in order to be front and center as an answer to their question.

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Healthcare Job Postings
Use these techniques to get the best bang for your job posting buck

 TODAY’S JOB BOARDS are filled with pages and pages of healthcare facilities recruiting physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other key healthcare personnel.

But how can you cut through the noise and optimize your job postings to make them more effective?

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Creating an Employer Brand
Creating an Employer Brand is the key to recruitment advertising success.

One of the great truths about healthcare recruitment is that there is a growing demand for experienced talent and a dwindling supply. Yes, people are living longer and that’s a good thing (for all of us) but that doesn’t mean that it has increased the number of people responsible for taking care of them.

The demand for physicians, not to mention registered nurses, medical administrators and the bevy of other roles that are just as critical for healthcare as the MDs these jobs support, provides recruiters today with a significant set of challenges.

A major key to any healthcare organization’s success is the ability to identify and promote its employer brand. A Healthcare organization’s Employer Brand can be defined as to position one’s organization as an employer of choice within a given marketplace.

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Effective Employee Referral Program for Healthcare Recruitment

Follow these tips to get all your employees involved, raise company morale, and fill you pipeline with top talent.

WHEN IT COMES to hiring talent, there’s no better return on investment like that of a referral for healthcare recruiters. Having a quality candidate brought in by one of your existing employees is good for morale and even better for your bottom line.

Chances are, the candidate already has a positive opinion of your organization and has come to your door without you spending a dime on marketing or taking the time to sift through resumes and present candidates that are not a good fit for the position.

While the benefits of a well run Employee Referral Program can be many, it takes planning, organization and execution to create a successful campaign.

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Save The Date Pink Orange Dots

Use these tips to attract rock star employees to your team and win the praise of your boss and colleagues.

Whether its utilizing technology through search and digital marketing to sourcing and connecting with candidates on LinkedIn, today’s Healthcare Recruiters have a lot of options in their toolkit when it comes to recruiting top talent.

But despite all this, there’s no tactic that combines the one-on-one connection and the ability to close the deal like the old school Open House Event.

Open Houses allow healthcare recruiters to demonstrate their employer brand in action to potential new employees. It’s an opportunity for your best prospects to learn first hand about your company culture, your values and to meet some of your existing star employees who love working for your company.

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