While there is no defining statistic, most businesses can get beneficial results from social media marketing. Many business owners like seeing their social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, etc., and more importantly, like seeing their social media posts “liked.”

The flip side of this is that many have no idea how to effectively measure the results or even what they should be measuring.   In fact, according to recent survey by the American Marketing Association, many organizations expressed frustration with not knowing how effective their social media marketing is. Read more

The explosion of growth in social, mobile and digital media have overtaken many more traditional forms of advertising – print, radio and direct mail for example – and as far as advertisers are concerned, has rendered them somewhat obsolete.

According to a recent media spend survey, social media — advertising on sites like Facebook and Twitter — will see the most growth at 31% this year, followed by video (29%) and mobile (20%).

Search advertising will this year continue to account for the biggest proportion of spend, at 45% of all digital ad revenues.

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