Having a career site and an ATS that works in harmony is key to candidate conversions.

Every recruiter wants a fully functional Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a career website that provides a great experience for their candidates and ease-of-use for the recruitment team.

The Career Site is essentially an online representation of your talent brand. It should tell candidates who you are and why they should work for your healthcare organization. An additional function is to make it easy for candidates to find your jobs and easily apply for them.

The ATS is where the candidate creates their account, uploads their resume and fills out the full job application.

Having a linked up career site and ATS will enhance the applicant experience, convert more candidates and lower you cost-per-hire. More specifically, it will help your healthcare organization achieve the following results:

1). Provide a better candidate experience

According to a study completed by The Overture Group, a leading search and compensation consulting firm, the average visit duration to a career site is 6.48 minutes.

While this is a significant amount of time compared to most other websites, that’s only half the battle. It is still very important to ensure that your career website provides candidates with a great experience including giving them opportunity to easily apply for their dream job within your healthcare organization.

For example, if one of your jobs is posted on or any of the other major job boards, a candidate should have a reasonable expectation that they will find the job on your career site. However, when your career site and ATS are not in lock step, very often there will be times when a job appears on one platform and not the other. This can be a nightmare for recruiters who have hundreds of open jobs and an off-putting experience for candidates.

2). Better SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization should by now be part of every healthcare organization’s recruiting arsenal. SEO delivers, free highly targeted traffic right to your career site. When your ATS is properly aligned with your career website, it will definitely improve your company’s rankings in job search queries.

According to a new survey by Pew Research Center. A majority of U.S. adults (54%) have gone online to look for job information, and 45% have applied for a job online.

In a competitive marketplace, it’s critically important that healthcare organizations leave no stone unturned when it comes to hiring talent. Synching your career site with your ATS will improve your ranking for niche keywords and improve page load speed for better candidate conversions.

3). All your jobs will be synched

From the candidate’s point of view, finding a job they may be interested utilizing a cumbersome system can be more challenging then actually applying for it!

Create a system that automatically pulls active job postings from the public facing ATS portal and creates the postings on the career site front end. This will ensure that the career site and ATS are in lock step. You new system will also cross reference the career site and the ATS and remove any job postings that are no longer active on the ATS.

Once your website is integrated with your ATS, any information input by a candidate is automatically sent to your recruiting team and provides them with valuable information right off the bat. Your team is able to quickly determine the abilities of new candidates and whether the individual is the right fit for the position since all of the information is directly channeled to them from the ATS.

4) Better analytics

When your ATS and career site are working as one, you’ve put your healthcare organization in position to better analyze how your recruitment function is performing. The hiring reports and analytics you’ll be able to generate will not only refine your recruiting process but also help you track the source of your most qualified candidates to improve job board ROI as well as see the progress of your open jobs. Most importantly, you’ll be able to drill down into aggregate data to assess your hiring speed over time and analyze activity reports to help your team improve.

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