Leverage and communicate your key unique strengths in order to compete with large Health Systems.

The acute shortage of nurses and allied health professionals has been well documented in the healthcare industry. While the shortage of experienced professionals is an industry-wide issue, those hardest hit are often the stand alone, community hospitals struggling to compete for top talent with the big health systems.

Community hospitals, are, as the name implies, integral part of the neighborhoods in which they exist – delivering babies, taking care of emergencies and employing people from the surrounding areas.

But when compared to their larger system brethren, community hospitals often struggle with a lack of resources to effectively compete for top talent. Community hospitals also often lack the infrastructure, technology and sophisticated applicant tracking systems to help manage the candidate experience.

In fact, according to the American Hospital Association, of the over 5,500 hospitals in the United States, nearly 60% are part of a health system.

While that all sounds like an impossible situation to recruit candidates into for community hospitals, there are ways that these healthcare organizations can leverage their competitive assets and selling points to attract and retain top level talent:

1). Develop an Employer Brand thru a Content Marketing Program

According to Recruiting Daily, 85% of job searches starting with a search engine. This tells us that top talent is searching for a company the same way they would any other purchasing decision – which is why employer branding is so critical.

Candidates are thinking about applications in the same way as they consider buying decisions. They want to be able to educate themselves about your company. They invest time in researching your company, product or role before deciding whether it’s a good fit for them.  A well-developed content marketing program for recruitment is a must for any community hospital.

2). Talk About What You Are Known For

Most community hospitals have a specialty or two they do exceptionally well and are top of mind for consumers in their area. Whether it is Labor and Delivery services or a recently expanded emergency department or operating room, make sure that these significant supporting points go into your content plan. Consider testimonials of staff from those departments as well as any awards your community hospital has won for excellence.

3). Develop a Dedicated Careers Website   

In the 21st Century of recruitment marketing – you need a stand lone career site that is dedicated to careers at your community hospital. The web site should have a home page that is one part inspirational and one part informational with a strong call to action as to what he candidate should do next. Hot jobs, newsletter sign up, upcoming events, and social media channels should all be part of the mix.

4). Set up Social Media Channels for Careers

Social Media can help develop your Employer brand voice and personality. You’ll also subtly position your health care facility as a desirable place to work, by sharing valuable content with your target audience. You can stream hiring events, use your star employees for testimonials, post articles and much more as part of your monthly content calendar in order to create awareness for your brand and position yourself for success among your target audiences.

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