Pinterest for Healthcare

Use Pinterest to present images and content that represent who you are as a healthcare employer and why a candidate would be interested in working for you.

Many Healthcare recruitment organizations have developed and executed strategies for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest? Not so much.

However before you blow off the online pinboard, realize that Pinterest is a highly popular social curation platform that presents healthcare recruiters with a vast and growing audience that may be interested in your facility, your openings and your employer brand.

According to DMR, a popular clearinghouse for original and curated digital marketing tips, news and stats, Pinterest now boasts over 100 million active users.

Here are a few easy ways that you can start to utilize Pinterest as an effective recruitment platform:

1. Showcasing your organization

Pinterest is all about the visuals which gives healthcare recruiters the opportunity to provide snapshots of what the inside of the organization is all about. You can show pictures of the workspace, meeting areas and break rooms, for example. Pin images of your team at a recent industry trade show or a team-building event. This is an opportunity to show your employees in action and interacting with each other while you paint a powerful picture of a positive work environment.

2. Joining your team

Now that you’ve sold candidates on your healthcare organization, its time to tell them about the actual positions and how they be considered for them. Create a board for each of your departments such as Nursing, IT, Finance and so on. You can even illustrate how to use your applicant tacking system and what candidates can expect during the application process.

3. Highlight your Benefits

You can create a board that showcases the benefits and lifestyle perks that come with working for your healthcare organization. Whether your facility has a fitness center, on-site child care area, a cafeteria with all the bells and whistles or allows your employees to work from home, be sure to illustrate all of these tantalizing benefits with a board all its own.

4. Get Creative

Visuals with impact will catch the attention of users so use infographics and videos about your company or your industry in order to lure people to your page. You do not always need your boards to be about a specific job posting, but rather have them center around things in your company. Finally, remember that everything you pin on your boards should link back to your actual healthcare careers site. This makes it easy for candidates to apply and read more about the visuals that they saw on Pinterest.