diverse group of medical staff

A healthcare workforce made up of multi-cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and abilities presents many key advantages.

In an incredibly competitive healthcare recruitment environment, no stone can be left unturned when it comes to finding and hiring top talent. And yet, so many healthcare organizations fail to properly tap into a mostly untapped pipeline of available talent through Diversity recruitment.

A diverse employee base can help your healthcare organization connect with customers and patients from all walks of life, it increases employee morale, engagement and can also help with recruitment and retention of your workforce.

If your healthcare organization has no diversity recruitment plan in place or you’d like to step up your efforts, here are some key tips on how to get it done:

1. Create a Diversity message

Your Diversity message should heighten awareness about your healthcare organization’s culture and people. Illustrate how your healthcare organization embraces diversity, and not just through canned stock photos of people of different ethnicities.

When minority candidates “look under the hood”, they’ll need to see a company that embraces inclusion where they can grow their careers. Mentioning your benefits in these areas such as work/life balance, community outreach, or organizational accolades can help give your message some additional credibility.

2. Use Testimonials

The words, pictures and videos of your employees describing their experiences working for your healthcare organization can be extremely powerful, so be sure to use them as part of your healthcare diversity campaign.

Deploy testimonial videos on your YouTube channel and other social media sites, as well as your career page. Videos should feature your “star employees” from various backgrounds, talking about why they chose to work for your healthcare organization and illustrate the diversity of the people who are employed at your company. Use candid interviews with employees about why they love working for your company, why they feel welcome and how they are able to grow in the roles.

3. Create a Diversity media plan

As part and parcel of your healthcare recruitment marketing plan, it’s a good idea to create a specific plan just for your Diversity initiative. Tactics and activities to consider include developing a branded Diversity Facebook page and a Diversity landing page on your career site.

Utilize print and online media, such as job postings, banners and branded pages that cater to specific minority and disability populations and consider radio stations with a high ethnic demographic reach.

4. Support community events and associations

Get your Diversity message in front of specific organizations and associations such as Veterans groups, LGBT Americans, The National Black Nurses association and others. For example the American Medical Association has compiled a directory of Ethnic Medical Associations.

There are many ways to achieve your healthcare organizations’ Diversity goals. The important thing to remember is to have a plan and to execute your activities consistently.