An SEO blueprint on how to drive qualified candidates to your job postings

It’s no longer good enough to post jobs on external job boards and wait for the resumes to pour in. Top talent has numerous employment options, and you are one of many vying for a candidate’s attention.

The simple truth is that most job searches start on search engines, not job boards. And Google has become the preeminent job seekers search tool of choice.

In fact, in a typical month, there are over 360,000,000 long tail job-related searches (e.g. highly targeted searches such as pediatric registered nurse Brooklyn ny) on Google. Thus, It is crucial to adhere to basic Google best practices in order for them to show you as a result in relevant job searches.

When someone starts their job search by asking Google, Yahoo or Bing to show them nursing jobs in a specific location, you want your careers page to be optimized in order to be front and center as an answer to their question.

Here’s a few tips I’ve learned from my experience on how to make it happen:

  1. Make sure your site is mobile friendly
    Provide an excellent user experience regardless of device. Mobile usage continues to incline and Google weighs mobile friendly sites into the equation.
  2. Make sure your site adheres to Googles best practices.
    Use a fee tool called to see where your site can use fixing. Once you are in line with Google’s best practices, you have more opportunity to come up organically on google. Ensure that you properly using unique URLs, meta tags, and H1.Playing by Googles rules can help you get found in job related searches.
  3. Provide keyword rich content
    Optimize your job postings by using appropriate keywords throughout your job description. Just because the job title is Nurse Practitioner does not mean you shouldn’t use that keyword within the job description. Make sure job locations are mentioned order to come up in local searches.Check out Google AdWords Keyword Tool to get check out frequently searched keywords to use in your job posting.
  4. Add blogging to your marketing activities
    Google loves fresh, relevant content. Not only can you show yourself as a Thought Leader by blogging about career related topics, but the fresh keyword rich content can help you come up in relevant search engine queries. Strategic healthcare recruitment blog posts can be extremely helpful with boosting organic visibility.