To find the right person for your open position, you’ve got to be a part of the right conversations.

Healthcare recruiters are all too familiar with the strategy of posting jobs on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But in today’s highly competitive war for top healthcare talent, that is often not enough.

While Facebook and its 1.45 billion users worldwide need a place in your recruitment marketing plan, it is also critically important to include niche social sites and online communities to help find passive candidates for your hard-to-fill positions.

Here are four sites to consider for your healthcare recruitment marketing plan:

1). Periscope

Periscope (owned by Twitter) is a platform that allows you to video-record and broadcast to anywhere in the entire world. If you have ever been on Skype, it is a similar experience but, instead of video conferencing with one person, you can stream to the masses.

Healthcare recruiters can use Periscope to create videos on everything from how to apply for a job, to what can be expected during the interview process. You can also use it to build your e-mail newsletter list by asking viewers to subscribe to your blog or job alerts. Think of Periscope as your own live TV station for healthcare recruitment that can be the missing link in your social media marketing mix.

2). Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile social media service that allows users to “snap” pictures and videos that can be viewed by their friends for a finite amount of time before they disappear. If your healthcare organization is looking to reach new grads, millennials and emerging IT professionals, Snapchat is the best way to reach this audience.

More than 60% of U.S. 13-34 year old smartphone users are snapchatters.

There are 10+ billion video views every day on Snapchat. The stories are updated in real time and disappear within 24 hours keeping users consistently engaged. You can use Snapchat to cover live events within your healthcare organization such as an open house, deliver unique content that you may not post on your other social media channels or us it as an opportunity to take people inside the culture of your healthcare organization.

3). StumbleUpon

According to Statcounter, StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among the top seven social media sites, referring more than other social bookmarking and voting sites such as Digg and Reddit.

Healthcare recruiters can use StumbleUpon to drive traffic to their career site and blog. Whether it is a post regarding healthcare career advice or a new job posting or advice for recruiters, StumbleUpon helps get the needed traffic to your posts, in turn helping you fill jobs and recruit talent effectively.

4). Quora

Quora is a website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. Quora is a little tricky, because you will turn off users if you are self-promotional. It is more about establishing yourself as an expert and contributing to the community, but it also provides excellent opportunities to communicate and connect with potential employees for your healthcare organization.

Quora also allows healthcare recruiters to be seen as thought leaders by answering questions within their area of expertise. You can also build your own community by reaching out and connecting to experts in your field.

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