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When it comes to recruiting top talent, the use of video has become a key difference maker for healthcare organizations.

There’s no question that video, in all its multi-media glory, increases employer brand awareness and online engagement and most importantly helps convert candidates into new hires. In fact, according to Hubspot, 78% of people watch videos online every week.

The ancillary benefit of video is that it can be re-purposed in so many ways. Here are a few ideas on how to effectively utilize video in your healthcare recruitment marketing program:

1. Career site

Your career site is the hub of all your recruitment marketing activities. You can add a video to your career site that talks about you company culture, or words from your own employees. You can even use video to instruct candidates on how to complete the application or manage their expectations of the hiring process.

2. YouTube Channel

Create a branded YouTube channel that can provide candidates with a snapshot of what its like to work for your healthcare organization. A great idea is create “day in the life” segments where candidates see real employees taking about their roles and responsibilities.

These vignettes can help you communicate your healthcare employer brand, culture and values to potential new hires.

3. LinkedIn Careers Page

Video on your LinkedIn Careers page allows passive and active job seekers to get a feel for your company culture and hear your employees tell, in their own words, their stories of teamwork, empowerment and growth opportunities that exist within your healthcare organization

4. Facebook Page

According to the video job-posting platform Ongig, candidates spend on average 55 seconds viewing a text-only ad, whereas job seekers spend 5 minutes and 23 seconds watching a video advertisement.

Utilizing video on your Facebook Careers Page is an excellent way to increase engagement with candidates and getting them to take a longer look at your healthcare employer brand.

You can also serve highly targeted video ads to your Facebook audience. Job seekers regularly consume video Facebook ads across desktop, tablets and smartphones, allowing you to get your videos in front of them wherever they are.

5. Career Fairs

Video helps your career fair presence become more eye-catching while reinforcing the benefits of your employer brand.

A looping video can talk about the greatness of your healthcare organization or your company culture, mission and values. You can also show powerful employee testimonials that can give job seekers an instant comfort level and a positive view of your healthcare organization.

A good way to start is to consider what type of video would make sense for your healthcare organization and how it will work within your healthcare recruitment marketing plan.