Your postings should promote your employer brand and give candidates their first opportunity to learn about your healthcare organization.

 A hospital job posting serves an important purpose: Broadcast your open positions to a lot of candidates, across a broad spectrum of industry niche sites, general job boards and professional associations.

However job postings can also be an effective and valuable recruitment marketing tool if crafted the right way. There are opportunities to tell your healthcare organization’s story and get job seekers excited about your opportunities.

1. A clear and concise job title

Save the floors, units and hospital jargon for internal communication. They do not belong anywhere near the title of your job posting. Titles such as “Registered Nurse 4 North” or “PCT per diem” can be confusing and can cause potential applicants to miss your postings. Worse – if you’re advertising on a pay-per-click job board such as Indeed, you’ll spend your budget needlessly by having, incorrect, misleading or ambiguous job titles.

You’ll have a much better chance of having candidates see your job postings by eliminating abbreviations, units, posting dates and shifts.

2. Information about your Culture

Don’t let your job posting read like a boring list of bullets, unimportant details and endless duties. Use the first paragraph of your posting to talk about the unique selling points of your organization: Why do your current employees love you?  What about your organizational culture makes you stand out?  This is a good area to talk about any workplace awards you’ve won and other superiority claims you can make about your healthcare organization.

3. Only list on the most important qualifications

There is no reason to put things like “knowledge of Microsoft Word” or “must be detail oriented” in your job posting. These typically unimportant details will clutter your posting and dilute the overall message you’re trying to communicate.

According to job seekers spent an average of 49.7 seconds before dismissing a position as a poor fit.

 Instead, list only the critical skills, experience and degrees necessary for the candidate to successfully thrive in the role. In this case, less is definitely more.

4. Make it easy for your candidates to apply.

Have the apply method set up as its own paragraph, and make it stand out so candidates don’t have to hunt around your job ad for it. The best idea is to list only one method of applying, and that method should always be your career website. Sending candidates to your career site allows you to track where your applicant traffic is coming from and allows you add the candidate to your growing talent community.

5. Links to your social media channels

At or near the closing of your job postings, it’s always a good idea to include links to your career focused social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Today’s informed candidate will spend plenty of time researching your company on social media, so give them a head start by introducing them to your pages. If your healthcare organization is doing its job on social media, this will provide the candidate a positive snapshot into your culture and your people.

Your job postings are every bit as important as any other recruitment marketing tactic you engage in, so its important to take the opportunity to not only sell the position, but sell your healthcare organization.

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