Creating content allows you to add value, build trust, better engage candidates and showcase your expertise on various subject matters.

Health care staffing is already one of the biggest challenges for talent acquisition professionals, and it will only get worse as the population ages. According to a 2017 survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit  a looming talent shortage is top of mind for more than 90 percent of U.S. hospital executives.

Despite this, many healthcare organizations still use old school interruption methods of talent acquisition. In modern talent acquisition, candidates are interested in a relationship with your brand.

In order for a healthcare organization to compete for top talent no matter what their size, they need to end hiring with a short-term mindset, reduce reliance on the transaction and cultivate relationships with candidates through content creation.

According to Beamery, a best-in-class Candidate Relationship Software company, here are a few reasons why healthcare organizations need to adopt this mindset now:

1. It’s non-invasive
Ads are deliberately designed to get in the way vs content that offers value and gives people a choice. In an age where anyone viewing your content could be a candidate, this approach ensures your talent brand makes a positive impact.

2. It’s cost-effective
Advertising is budget dependent, thus It’s easy for the biggest companies to dominate the market. Content levels the playing field.

3. Better quality applicants
Inbound may not have an immediate impact, but it can help you tackle one of the principal recruiting pain points – applicant quality.

Content is the way to achieve this. The longer a candidate spends in the ‘decision making cycle’, the more time they spend engaging with your content, the higher the likelihood that they’ll be a standout applicant and make a great new hire.

In other words inbound recruiting helps you attract better quality talent and, at a time when recruiters admit that they wouldn’t re-hire 39% of their recent hires, according to the Human Capital Institute.

4. Creating and converting more hiring leads
Candidates leave career pages because they’re either not ready to apply or they’re disenchanted with the user experience. Creating specific content for these audiences can help turn visitors into an applicants.

5. Inbound Content is an Investment that takes time
Inbound sales lets a company establish a relationship and a certain level of trust with a lead before asking if they want to buy. According to Forrester research, it can take as many as 8 brand touch points to influence a decision.

Content is a long-term investment – you have to persevere with it to convince candidates to apply.

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