Creating an Employer Brand
Creating an Employer Brand is the key to recruitment advertising success.

One of the great truths about healthcare recruitment is that there is a growing demand for experienced talent and a dwindling supply. Yes, people are living longer and that’s a good thing (for all of us) but that doesn’t mean that it has increased the number of people responsible for taking care of them.

The demand for physicians, not to mention registered nurses, medical administrators and the bevy of other roles that are just as critical for healthcare as the MDs these jobs support, provides recruiters today with a significant set of challenges.

A major key to any healthcare organization’s success is the ability to identify and promote its employer brand. A Healthcare organization’s Employer Brand can be defined as to position one’s organization as an employer of choice within a given marketplace.

Developing an Employer Brand for your Healthcare organization requires planning and collaboration across your organization. Follow these 5 steps to get it done and have top talent flocking to your door:

    In this phase, you will “look in the mirror” at your healthcare organization and understand the Foundation of what makes you who you truly are as a company. You’ll look at things like your mission, values, goals and objectives. It’s also the time where you’ll assess your competitors, target markets, and the failure and success of you previous advertising.You’ll also audit your employees experiences through surveys. Finally in this phase you’ll identify, based on what you’ve learned, the tone, look, messages and social character of your healthcare organization.
    In this phase, you will review/evaluate/strengthen/unify all internal and external communications materials including your Career website, and collateral such as advertising and brochures.You’ll also develop a single-minded proposition about your healthcare organization or your “elevator pitch.” This will be supported by the key benefits and differentiators.
    This should be the “fun” phase of developing your Healthcare Employer Brand. Working with your advertising agency or internal resources, you’ll take everything you’ve learned from the first two steps and use it to develop creative, original ideas that have value to your target market.These ideas should be singular in message, promote the key differentiators of your organization and should be visually appealing.
    Based on Discovery, create a skillful mix of traditional, digital and social media each reinforcing the overall message. For our healthcare clients, I recommend that a good portion of the budget be geared towards Optimizing the jobs for the web so they can be properly searched; social media and digital display ads.The beauty of these elements is that they are highly targeted and 100% trackable so you can measure your campaign performance on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
    Here you will track and measure you campaign results for on-going assessment. For example, search campaigns offer real time tracking of phone calls, visits to the web site and emails.Through the use of Personalized URL’s (PURL’s) and landing pages, we’ll know how many candidates responded to our direct mail offering and what follow up information they are interested in.Social Media provides us the ability to track through engagement levels, “likes” and “follows as well as ad performance.

Creating a compelling Healthcare Employer Brand takes time. But the benefits to your organization and its ability to attract top talent will be many.