The key to creating a successful hiring event is proper advance planning and preparation.

It seems like now more than ever, the modern healthcare recruiter needs their hiring events to be successful. Considering the acute shortages in nursing, allied health, and general labor, hospitals and healthcare systems can not commit precious dollars, time and resources to an Open House only to come up empty.

But by following these guidelines, healthcare systems can create a hiring event that attracts top quality candidates and raises the awareness of their employer brand:

1). Create an Action Plan and Budget

It goes without saying, that planning should not be done a week before the event, however I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen healthcare organizations rush to get their event out there, ignoring the fact that marketing tactics need enough time and impressions to make an impact with a target audience.

Developing a well thought out plan of action and attaching costs to them is the necessary first step in the process. You’ll also need to develop a timeline for each of the activities.

Determine your event objectives and your target audience. Factor in costs including venue, food, giveaways, speakers, printing, audio/visual equipment and travel if applicable.  Also consider what type of an event you’ll be hosting, whether it is an informational job fair, recruiting fair or specific hiring event.

Need help planning your event? Download my Preparation Checklist for Open Houses and Hiring Events.

2). Marketing

Once you’ve determined your target audience now you’ll plan the best ways to reach and attract them.

A strong social media strategy should be utilized with both paid and organic activities on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, depending on the audience. Consider creating a theme for your hiring event featuring a branded hashtag.

Your career website should prominently display the upcoming event both on the home page and with an event-specific landing page. Tactics work best when launched as a multi channel campaign. Effective tactics for Open Houses include Google AdWords (Pay Per Click), PR, email marketing and videos.

3). Add Value

The more value you can bring to your open house event the better chance you have of attracting the quality applicants you seek. Consider bringing in a speaker, offering CE credits as part of the program, give tours and show off areas of your hospital that stand out.

4). Follow Up

Once your Open House has concluded, it is important to maintain contact with all of your candidates throughout the next phase of you hiring process. This would include keeping them informed about when they can expect to hear the verdict, whether the process has been put on hold and whether interviews are still being conducted.

5). Measure

There are various formulas that can be used to determine the success of your Open House event but a good idea is to keep the process as simple as possible. Cost per hire is a great way to measure the economic value of your recruitment event. A Cost per Hire formula would look like this:

Cost per Hire ($) = [Total External Costs] + [Total Internal Costs] / Total Number of Hires

Organizing a job fair takes considerable time and effort. The bulk of the work occurs during the planning stage, when attention to detail is particularly important.

Download my Preparation Checklist for Open Houses and Hiring Events.







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