Portrait of a smiling doctor

For most healthcare organizations, the key to success lies in its ability to recruit and retain top doctors.

No matter the size or scope, a healthcare system or hospital is only as good as the care it provides and the credentials of its physician population.Yet, physician recruitment remains one of the most daunting challenges for healthcare recruiters. According to the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, 45 percent of searches were to replace a departing physician provider; 33 percent of which were still unfilled at the end of a year. According to same survey, 131 days was the typical time period to fill a primary care position, the most sought-after of all physician roles.

In order to be successful, healthcare recruiters need to combine a skillful mix of tactics in order to attract top doctors to their healthcare organization.

Here are some ideas to help you get it done:

1. Email Marketing

Physician email marketing is a highly targeted, cost-effective tactic to get your recruitment message in the inbox of doctors that you want to reach, closing the distance between you and potential hires. Utilizing an email management system such as Constant Contact, you can view your open rates, click thru rates and other metrics that will provide valuable ROI.

2. Direct Mail

The fact is that direct mail continues to be a fantastic way to source passive physician candidates as part of a physician recruitment effort. Just be sure to create an eye-catching piece the sells the benefits of your healthcare organization and contains a strong bid for action. Like email marketing, one of the keys to success is a good, up-to-date list.

3. Doximity.com

Doximity is the leading medical professional network out there that boasts 60% of U.S. physicians as members. Features include highly targeted posting opportunities, the ability to search member physicians in 40 specialties across 50 states, plus a myriad of ways to promote your healthcare employer brand.

4. LinkedIn

Over one million doctors and nurses have profiles on LinkedIn so healthcare recruiters should make this platform a priority. If you want your healthcare organization to stand out from the crowd, it is important to have a branded company page that can include your organization’s story, testimonial videos from physicians in your organization and your company blog, which will position you as a thought leader. In addition to posting jobs, you can source profiles, make connections with physicians and join and contribute to physician groups.

5.Physician Employee Referral Program

According to the ClearCompany Talent Blog referral hires have greater job satisfaction and stay longer at companies – 46% stay over 1 year, 67% of employers and recruiters said the recruiting process was shorter, and 51% said it was less to expensive to recruit via referrals.

Remember your ERP should be a real marketing program, with a distinct beginning, middle and end. Your program should provide real incentives to your physicians to refer their colleagues, have a strong call to action and an easy process for making the referral, such as an online landing page.