Build a Website

To hire top talent, you need a career site that sings.

There are many variables that go into developing a healthcare recruitment marketing campaign. But the single most important element – the all-important source of healthcare recruiting – lies in the company career site.

Your healthcare career site should be equal parts of your employer brand, which is made up of who you are, what you stand for and why people would want to work for you; your star employees and their success stories, elements of your consumer brand and of course your easy-to-find job openings.

Here are some of the keys that go into making a great one:

1. Well thought out design

The design of your healthcare career site must be clean and uncluttered and contain a very distinct message about who you are as an employer. You’re not just hanging out a help wanted sign, your career site needs to strike the job seeker emotionally in one fell swoop.

2. Use of video

Nothing is more powerful that the use of a careers video on your home page to a potential employee. Video can give individuals a snapshot of the people, offices and culture and contain powerful images, music and words to tell your story.

Career videos can and should be repurposed on you LinkedIn company page, on your Facebook home page, and be used at career events and open houses.

3. SEO friendly

Most candidates do not begin their job searches on Monster or CareerBuilder, but rather on Google, Yahoo or Bing. When searching, candidates will be served up jobs from the big guys and aggregators such as Indeed, but its important that your organic listings are there are well. This is achieved by ensuring that each of your jobs has its own, unique URL that contains the specific job title, your employer name and location that is linked back to your career site.

Google is in the business of serving the most relevant results to job seekers. By assigning unique URL’s to each job, you’ll ensure that you are “in the game” as it relates to candidate searches and be served more often to job seekers.

Another way to make your healthcare career site SEO friendly is by developing a keyword-rich site that will come up in organic search results. A good idea is to develop a regular blog, which will not only be helpful in search but can also be repurposed in a number of ways.

4. Profiles of your employees

Showcasing your best people on your career site by telling stories about their jobs, lives and positive feelings about their role in your healthcare organization, in their own words, can be a very valuable recruiting tool.

When you profile your employees, you allow them to act as brand ambassadors for your healthcare organization and give candidates a snapshot view of your culture and what it is like to work for you.

5. Easy application process

Now that you’ve convinced the candidate to take the plunge and apply for your job, you want to make the application process as easy as possible. Make the “apply” button, large, prominent and on every page of your career site.

Design a site that is mobile response so candidates can easily apply on any device including a phone or tablet. Ensure only one or two clicks that lead from the actual job to completing the application process. Nothing will have a candidate give up faster than lengthy and unwieldy application process.

Your career website should be easy to navigate, user friendly, and immediately tell candidates why you are a great organization to work for.