Save The Date Pink Orange Dots

Use these tips to attract rock star employees to your team and win the praise of your boss and colleagues.

Whether its utilizing technology through search and digital marketing to sourcing and connecting with candidates on LinkedIn, today’s Healthcare Recruiters have a lot of options in their toolkit when it comes to recruiting top talent.

But despite all this, there’s no tactic that combines the one-on-one connection and the ability to close the deal like the old school Open House Event.

Open Houses allow healthcare recruiters to demonstrate their employer brand in action to potential new employees. It’s an opportunity for your best prospects to learn first hand about your company culture, your values and to meet some of your existing star employees who love working for your company.

Open Houses can also be tricky affairs if not planned correctly. With that in mind, I offer 5 tips on how to pull off an amazing event that will impress your colleagues and your candidates:

1). Promote the event within your organization

Human Resources is unique in that it touches each department within a healthcare organization. Use this opportunity to let your key departments know about your event. Push the envelope further by inviting some of the stars of the organization to act as employer brand ambassadors on the day of your event.

2). Kick off an Employee Referral Program

The best time to enlist your company’s employees in the recruiting process is during an Open House event. Make it a true marketing program and incentive employees to refer their friends with trips, cash and other rewards. Promote your employee referral program by utilizing the company intranet, posters in high traffic locations and table cards in the lunch and break rooms.

3). Use. Social. Media.

This seems like it should be a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many healthcare organizations miss the boat when it comes to effectively utilizing social media.

Employ tactics like highly targeted facebook ads to your target demographic, boosted posts, Twitter posts and LinkedIn to get the social word out. Double down by asking your organization’s marketing department use its social channels to promote the event to consumers of your hospital or healthcare organization.

4). Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to send out highly targeted messages about your Open House to potentially interested and qualified applicants. The beauty of email marketing is its ability to track the percentage of your list that has opened your blast, responded to it and plans on attending the event.

5). Landing Page

A Branded landing page is an important, but often overlooked component of any successful open house event. Whether your marketing mix includes facebook ads, digital media, email marketing or print, your candidates can all be pointed to the Open House landing page. The page can and should feature more detailed information about the event and what makes your organization great and why candidates should consider working for you.

Most importantly, a landing page should feature a phone number or a form where candidates can RSVP to your event.

Creating an successful Open House doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Follow these tips and work with your agency and your team to create a memorable event that will reach and attract the right people.