blueprints and gears
Develop and execute an effective plan of action to bring in top nursing talent.

Healthcare organizations large and small struggle with the never-ending battle of recruiting and retaining experienced nurses. In addition to the fervent competition for top talent, there are less available experienced nurses in the pool.

The U.S. is projected to experience a shortage of RN’s as Baby Boomers retire and the need for health care grows. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 525,000 replacements nurses will be needed in the workforce bringing the total number of job openings for nurses due to growth and replacements to 1.05 million by 2022.

The bottom line is that every healthcare organization is trying to attract top nursing talent so you need to know where to look and how to make a splash.

1. Use the power of Google.
Not all nurses start their job search going to a specific job board. Sometimes a job search starts by someone typing ‘Nursing Jobs NYC’ into Google search (or some variation of). Make sure your job description is keyword rich (no abbreviations) and your ATS is search engine friendly.

Additionally, can be helpful with having your job found on Google. Indeed holds a lot of weight on Google, and you have the ability to use this to your advantage. Many times when a job search is performed on Google, Indeed comes up in the first few spots. By creating a job posting that follows their best practices, you can increase the possibility of your ad coming up when a relevant search is performed on Google.

2. Design an online ad that will get noticed.
Start your ad with a compelling reason as to why someone who like to work at your healthcare facility. This can include information about your healthcare organization’s mission, values and workplace environment. Emphasize the benefits and the key highlights of the position.

Remember that your ad is charged with the task of attracting candidates to apply. Being too lengthy will result in people losing interest and clicking on the next job posting.

3. Identify valuable recruitment channels
Reaching and attracting top nursing talent requires a skillful mix of a variety of elements. Identify top job boards, email lists and resume databases. Connect with nursing schools and inquire about reaching alumni and also look into campus recruiting and networking events. Advertising on association job boards is another great way to reach specialty nursing candidates.

4. Facebook Advertising.
In addition to traditional job board advertising, use the power of social media to get your job deeper in the nursing community and attract passive candidates. The audience targeting capability of Facebook is 2nd to none and you can serve ads to prospective candidates by job title, specialty, competitor healthcare facilities, geography and more. Real time metrics also allow you to gauge your ROI and tweak your targeting and budget on the go.

5. Make the application process easy.
Requiring a tedious application process can result in abandoned applications. Simplify the process so that only the most important information is required. Make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply by having the apply button on all of your career pages on both your desktop and mobile sites.

The blueprint for a successful nurse recruitment campaign consists of creating the perfect message combined with creating and executing an effective plan of action.