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Knowing your audience is the key to creating great content

Writing a blog for your healthcare organization without a clear understanding of what your readers are interested in is a recipe for disaster. It is essential to understand what is important to your audience and write to serve their needs.

While many healthcare recruiters look to social media and job postings as the first tools in their recruiter tool kit to utilize, a long-form blog can help create deeper relationships with candidates as opposed to the brevity of social media posts.

Here are some ideas for content that can fuel your healthcare recruitment blog and resonate with your audience:

1). Tips for Job Seekers

Use your blog to tell candidates what credentials and skill sets healthcare organizations are looking for when filling a specific position. Offer tips like Do’s and Don’t’s for job seekers, or the best way to make your resume stand out. Help potential applicants improve their chances of landing a job and you’ll have avid readers flocking to your content.

2). The Candidate Experience

From the moment of resume submission to the first interview, to meeting with hiring managers – your blog post can help manage the expectations of job seekers, allay their concerns about the process and provide a snapshot of what they can expect when they interview with your healthcare organization. You’ll also be making the onboarding process less stressful for candidates.

3). Diversity

You can highlight how diverse people and perspectives in your healthcare organization have a positive impact on performance. Illustrate examples of star employees from different backgrounds working together. Let your blog showcase the mixture of races, cultures, ages, backgrounds that make up your workforce.

4). Insight on the Job Industry 

Write about data on vacancy rates for certain positions or emerging jobs in the healthcare industry; Also highlight vital skill sets that will be needed for future roles in healthcare.

5). Your Company Culture

Having great company culture is no longer just an option. Today’s workers consider it as much as they consider salary and benefits. Let your blog provide a snapshot into your organization such as food drives, jeans day, company outings, collaboration, the company nacho bar and so on. A fantastic company culture is almost expected along with other traditional benefits so use your blog to show off your healthcare organization’s culure.

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