5 Tips for Mobile Recruiting for Healthcare Recruitment
Turn more career site visits into conversions with an effective mobile recruiting strategy.

Delivering an exceptional mobile experience for your candidates isn’t difficult or expensive, but it is essential in today’s age of 24/7 mobile device usage. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many, these devices are a key entry point to the online world.

As one might expect, the numbers regarding mobile are similar if not even more impressive as it relates to job seekers.

A recent Kelton Research Survey indicated that 86% of job seekers use their smartphone to begin a job search. Follow these mobile recruiting tips decrease candidate drop offs and increase conversions for your healthcare organization:

1). Optimize your Healthcare Careers site for Mobile

It goes without saying that having your career website optimized for mobile devices is no longer an option. According to ComScore, a leading cross-platform measurement company, Smartphone usage is up 394 percent, and tablet usage is up a whopping 1,721 percent as these platforms now combine to account for 60 percent of digital media time spent. Reduce the amount of scrolling, zooming, and tinkering for the candidate. The text should be clearly displayed and aligned so it reads logically.

2). Mobile Enabled Job Application

As today’s workforce becomes increasingly more mobile, it is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to figure out how to create a seamless apply process regardless of what computing device may be used.

A mobile enabled application offers a candidate a seamless experience that resembles the one they do online. There is no download required and they will easily be able to navigate from one step in the process to the next no matter if they come from a job site, their email or via text / SMS message.

3). Correspond with Candidates Via Text

According to recent surveys, as many as 60% of recruiters now use text messaging to communicate with job seekers as part of the hiring process. Additionally, job seekers under the age of 45 mostly consider recruiters who send text messages professional. Just remember to keep your messages brief and to the point. Your message should be friendly, not sales-y and with a call to action is a simple Y or N. Always be sure to have candidates permission prior to texting.

4). Track your Results

Use your Google Analytics and other reporting to find out how much of your traffic is coming to your Healthcare career site from desktop and how many are coming from mobile. Continually monitor the growth of your mobile traffic and improve your results by changing up your calls to action and recruitment marketing activities.

5). Ensure a Great Overall Candidate Experience

In short, make it as simple as possible for candidates to apply to your healthcare organization via mobile. Offer resume upload options that link to their LinkedIn profile and reduce or eliminate redundancy and excessive menus that lead to drop offs.

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