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A landing page for your healthcare recruitment campaign will help increase engagement and convert candidates into new hires.

A landing page is a page within your healthcare recruitment website that candidates ‘land’ on when they traffic from any online source. It’s the page a candidate will see after clicking on a link related to your healthcare organization. This link could be from a job posting, a social media ad, a Google search or from any of your healthcare recruitment marketing tactics.

A landing page for your healthcare recruitment campaign allows you to have a singular focused message and target specific audiences within your overall recruitment strategy.

Here are some best practices for your landing page that will help convert your traffic into new hires:

1). Have a prominent and strong call to action button

Call-to-action buttons have a very specific goal: to get your web visitor clicking and completing a conversion. Here you will utilize action-oriented text that will prompt the candidate to click to apply, call or take an action that you desire. It’s important to keep this information above-the-fold in a highly visible location on your landing page.

2). Explain your value proposition

Use the copy on your landing page to tell candidates what is unique about your healthcare organization. Clearly communicate the selling points of the position and why the candidate should apply for your open position.

3) Use images and/or video

According to Eyeview Digital, a leading video advertising technology company, videos on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 86%.

Video can be used on your landing page to talk about your hiring event, or provide a brief overview outlining what is great about your healthcare organization. You can also use video testimonials from your star employees that provide a compelling case for potential new hires.

4). Test different Landing Pages

Known as A/B testing, this process allows for testing different types of copy, calls to action and selling points about your healthcare organization. Testing the content of your landing pages will allow you to understand what messages resonate better than others. A good rule of thumb here is to test one thing at a time so you can review the results clearly.

5). Review your metrics

Google analytics is an invaluable free program that makes is possible to track various features of website and campaign performance. Here you can review your sources of traffic, the amount of visitors to your website and what actions they are taking when they visit your page. Google analytics reports are an integral part of any campaign and are the key to your healthcare recruitment analysis.

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