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Use a combination of new and tested methods for discovering qualified IT candidates for your healthcare organization.

While Nursing, Physician and Allied Health Professionals typically take top priority for healthcare recruiters, acquiring top IT talent to your healthcare organization is as equally important.

As Information Technology increasingly penetrates the healthcare industry, physicians, staff and patients are experiencing the benefits of on-demand access to medical information where, when and how it is needed.

The challenge for healthcare recruiters is that their ability to source candidates continues to be compromised on one end by intense competition for top IT healthcare talent, and by an exodus of retiring baby boomers on the other end.

The demand for Healthcare IT professionals is growing each year. According to Beckers Hospital Review, a leading source of cutting-edge business and legal information for healthcare industry leaders, health IT now represents up to 30% of a Hospital’s overall budget.

The war for Healthcare IT talent is on, but you can win your share of the great candidates by following these five tips:

1. Promote your IT department 

Make it known thru your recruitment marketing and branding that the culture of your IT department is a positive one. Perhaps your healthcare organization has won an award such as Most Wired Healthcare Organization or that promotion opportunities exist within the department. Tout the benefits of why it is great to work for you in order to open up the talent pool.

2. Employee Referrals

Kick off an Employee Referral Program in your IT department that incentivizes your employees to refer their friends and colleagues in the business. Make it a true marketing program that has a theme and a distinct beginning, middle and end. Offer a valuable grand prize to the winner. Some healthcare organizations have offered Jeep’s or vacation packages and cash. When you consider the costs associated with recruiting, hiring and on-boarding experienced IT talent, a trip will be a small expenditure by comparison.

3. Take advantage of LinkedIn

Create a dynamic company profile on LinkedIn that includes video, blog posts, articles, and pictures that talk about both your open positions and your employer brand. You can also search for, and reach candidates thru tactics like InMail, job postings and sponsored jobs. Use LinkedIn Recruiter to search for candidates and participate in groups and status updates to keep the conversation going.

4. Recruit from Colleges

Have your healthcare recruiters participate in career day activities at local colleges and universities. Also seek to build relationships with computer science professors who recommend students for internships and entry-level positions.

5. Be open to Telecommuters 

Alternate work arrangements such as telecommuting are becoming a more important recruiting strategy. Virtual jobs don’t suit all IT positions, and you want to ensure individuals who work remotely understand your business and culture, but for some IT roles, offering alternate work arrangements gives you a strong competitive advantage.

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