Brightest Light
Follow these principals to ensure that you’re hiring and retaining the best and brightest.

It’s no secret that the health care organizations that perform the best are the ones with the best talent. Your organization can boast the latest technology and state-of-the-art everything, but without the talent in place to back it up, your company is going nowhere fast.

The best healthcare organizations are competing hard in the war for top talent. Follow these tips to get and keep your company in the game:

1. Create a great company culture

Presumably your healthcare organization has a vision and a mission. It has a reason for existing. Most likely it has values too. It’s in your best interest to ensure that your talent is not only very much aware of these ideological watch words, but that they are reminded to live them each and every day.

The best way to do this is to lead by example. Shine a light on your star employees who lead by example and who “get it.” These rock stars of your organization know what the priorities are and why they are important. Make examples of them through video and other means to illustrate how they go about their business each day as way to help new employees approach their jobs.

2. Accountability

This is almost part of point number one. The best way to leave your employees with a bad taste in their mouth is to allow a double standard to exist within your healthcare workforce.

Allowing some employees to get away with not living up to their responsibilities while others carry more of the load is a good way to have your star employees looking for work elsewhere.

When everyone is pulling in the same direction in your healthcare organization it helps people take their jobs and responsibilities seriously and most importantly, keeps your organization running productively and efficiently.

3. Employee Growth

Your employees should know that if they work hard, pursue continuing education opportunities and continue to learn, that opportunities will be plentiful for them to advance in your healthcare organization.

Recognize employees who have “risen through the ranks” through these efforts. Illustrate and communicate the available career paths for your employees and how they can get ahead.

If an employee feels like there is nowhere to go in your organization, the path they will choose will be right out of your front door.

4. Consider the “whole” employee

Competitive pay, benefits and plenty of PTO are all very important perks for healthcare employees. But don’t minimize the importance of considering the employees’ mental and physical health also.

Make flextime available whenever you can; Offer small but important perks like chair massages, gym memberships and company outings. Help organize fundraisers for charities that are important to your employee population. These activities take a small amount of effort that often can lead to big rewards when it comes to attracting talent.

5. Marketing

It should go without saying that consistently attracting top talent to your healthcare organization requires a robust, fully integrated, multi channel marketing plan. The all-important source of this plan should be having a career site that sizzles. Your site should be easy for candidates to navigate and even easier for them to apply for a job. It should also sing the praises of your employer brand and culture.

Your marketing plan should have plenty of ongoing measureable activities such as social media, facebook ads and the application of SEO principals to all of your jobs.

When it comes attracting top talent to your healthcare organization, you want to build a culture where everyone is part of the “team.” You’ll want people to feel important, recognized, appreciated and most importantly, valued. Armed with these principals and a marketing plan that will guide you on how and where to look for them, you’ll have new employees and their friends flocking to your company.