Healthcare Job Postings
Use these techniques to get the best bang for your job posting buck

 TODAY’S JOB BOARDS are filled with pages and pages of healthcare facilities recruiting physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other key healthcare personnel.

But how can you cut through the noise and optimize your job postings to make them more effective?

Here are 5 quick tips to make your jobs stand out and have candidates take notice:

  1. Make it keyword rich.
    If you are hiring for Nurses for your healthcare organization, make sure you are using full job titles (no abbreviations) numerous times throughout your posting. Examples of this would be: Registered Nurse, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.Make sure your job title is clear and conveys what the position entails.
  2. Write an exciting ad that draws readers in.
    Why would someone want to work for your healthcare organization? What are the benefits? Are you located in a highly desirable area, offer a sign on bonus or provide excellent benefits? Start your ad off with a value proposition.A teaser line at the top of the ad can speak to your healthcare organization’s values
  3. K.I.S.S.
    Don’t write an ad that drones on and on with excessive responsibilities. It is common knowledge that most healthcare related positions require ‘communication skills, organizational skills, and every other non-descript general variant thereof.Give a solid idea of the position’s core responsibilities on external job boards and invite the candidate to click for further details.
  4. Adhere to individual job board’s best practices and algorhythms.
    Many job boards for healthcare recruitment weigh which jobs get shown based upon their own specific algorhythms. For instance, with Indeed Sponsored Jobs, it benefits employers to use keywords 3-5 times within ad copy in order to be shown when a relevant search query is made.Other job boards allow you to include a 2 line header that you can use to help get candidates click thru to view your job posting.Make sure you are selecting multiple job categories when applicable.
  5. Include more than one way to submit a resume to candidates.
    If your ATS requires candidates to fill out multiple pages to apply to a job, you may start to see candidate drop off in how many start the application process versus how many finish.Including a recruiter email address can increase application rate. Candidates like to know their resume isn’t being uploaded to an ATS black hole. Providing an email address allows them to feel their resume is being received by an actual person. They may not have the time to create a login and go thru pages of an application process, so you may see an uptick in the number of applications received when providing an email address along with an application URL vs an application URL alone.