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Follow these out-of-the-box tips to lower your cost per hire and increase your candidate pool.

Every healthcare recruiter is familiar with job boards, email blasts and career fairs. But the ability to find more of the right talent more often than your competitors can mean the difference between winning and losing for many healthcare organizations.

In order to do that, healthcare recruiters need to get creative in the approaches to finding top talent. Here are a few out of the mainstream approaches that can help fill your recruiting pipeline with top talent:

1. Your organization’s customers

Your healthcare organization has presumably has some mix of patients, family members, vendors, suppliers, and members of community organizations as visitors. These people are all potential employees. Be sure to have recruitment messages benefit information and a strong call to action displayed in high traffic locations where visitors are sure to see them.

2. Attend “non recruiting” fairs

From Chamber of Commerce events to Rotary Clubs, civic events and association gatherings, every networking event presents an opportunity to find a potential employee. Be sure to have your “elevator pitch” honed that sing the praises of your Employer Brand, to help turn conversations into potential opportunities to recruit.

3. Referrals

An Employee Referral Campaign is a great way to fill your talent pipeline without running a single ad. It also can significantly reduce your cost per hire. According to the recruitment blog Openview, hiring through referrals also results in a higher employee retention rate after one year (46% vs. 33%).

In order to have an effective referral program in your healthcare organization, morale should be at least neutral and it should be a true marketing program with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

4. Use Consumer media

According to a 2014 JobVite Survey, 51% of employed workers are either actively seeking or open to a new job. So while these gainfully employed individuals may not be scanning the job boards, they may be interested in your opportunity if you are were able to reach them with your recruitment message.

Consider tactics like sponsored content, display ads, social media, billboards and radio to get your healthcare recruitment messages in front of these passive job seekers.

5. Previous employees  

Not every employee who has left your healthcare organization has done so on bad terms. Perhaps a new opportunity for more money or a position in a different field lured good employees away. That doesn’t mean however that they are gone for good.

Keep in touch via LinkedIn, email marketing or other means to gauge their level of happiness at their new job. Studies have shown that shown that employees who leave and come back are good contributors and stay longer than many of those hired for the first time.