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When marketed effectively, company values can mean the difference between winning or losing out on the right employee for your healthcare organization.

Company values are the organizational “glue” that connects your hospital or healthcare system and your employees and to the reasons why they work for you. In fact, according to the recruitment blog talentsmoothie, the effective communication of a company’s values can improve the commitment of new hires by up to 29%.

Here are five ways you can make the most of your healthcare organization’s company values:

1. Make your Values the focal point of your recruitment marketing messages

Your company values are the difference-makers – the key elements that set you apart from other healthcare organizations. As such, they should be the focus of all of your recruitment marketing messages. From print ads to web banners to email marketing and also mass media vehicles such as radio, let your company values shine thru as part of these activities.

2. Use your Values in your content marketing

When creating a content calendar for social media posts be sure that a major part of what you share should be derived from your company values. These posts illustrate your values in action by giving your followers glimpses of your employees dedication, passion for their jobs and commitment to your healthcare organization. Over time, posting about your values will turn Likes and Followers into application and new hires.

3. Put your Values front and center on your career website

Your Career Website is the hub – the all-important source of all of your healthcare recruitment marketing activities. The first takeaway for prospective employees should answer their question as to why they should work for your company and no better way to do that then by illustrating your company values. Remember that whatever messages you are putting out on external media you should be mirroring on your career website so let your company’s values guide you as to what you should say.

4. Include your Values as part of the orientation process

From the moment a candidate walks thru the door of your healthcare organization to the time of the interview, your company values should be ever present as part of their experience. This can be done from an orientation brochure, to posters in high traffic locations, signage and employee procedures that create an indelible stamp in the mind of your applicant as to what your organization is all about.

5. Shine a light on employees who live these Values

There’s no better way to extoll the virtues of your company values then by showcasing those employees who best exemplify these qualities. This can be done in many ways including monetary and other tangible rewards to featuring these employees in videos, social media posts and as spokespeople for new hires as part of the onboarding process.