Public relations Magnifying glass concept illustrationFinding the right talent starts with how that talent views your company.

If you’re looking a highly valuable and yet relatively inexpensive platform to promote your employer brand, you should consider adding Public Relations to your recruitment marketing mix.

PR helps develop a stronger and yet unbiased image of your healthcare organization and studies have shown that PR has seven times the credibility of advertising.

Here are five ways you can use PR to recruit talent for your healthcare organization.

1. Promote Your Accolades

Whether your organization has won a “Best Places to Work” designation or one of your departments was lauded as being tops in its field, any recognition your healthcare organization receives is worthy of a PR story.

Announcing your awards via press release bring prestige, more website traffic and helps you stand out from your competition. The same goes for promoting individuals within your organization for individual accolades.

2. Promote Charitable Activities

Many organizations donate their time or money to those less fortunate and causes of importance in their community. When your organization participates in a charity fundraiser, or individuals donate their time, that is an opportunity for a press release.

Promoting community involvement helps build credibility for your employer brand and speaks volumes about what it is like to work for your healthcare organization.

3. Contribute Articles

When you consistently write and produce your own content, you’ll be seen as an expert and thought leader by peers, colleagues, superiors and most importantly, candidates. Send your own blog posts to trade publications, major market newspapers and important associations for online publication.

Having credibility in your industry as an author not only enhances your healthcare employer brand but can mean he difference for top talent who are vetting your organization.

4. Highlight Senior Leadership

When you positively promote the activities of the senior leadership of your healthcare organization, you’re creating an opportunity for them to play a vital role in the recruiting process.

Studies have shown that the CEO’s reputation helps to attract and retain top talent so never miss an opportunity to promote when you CEO is out telling the company story and joining the conversation online.

5. Changes in Your Healthcare Organization.

Let’s face it – in the world of healthcare – change is constant. However, changes also give you the opportunity to get your name and activities in front of your target audience.

If your healthcare organization is merging, adding new services, partnerships or strategic alliances, PR gives you an opportunity to get out in front of the changes and control the message as to how they are perceived by potential employees.

Good PR gives you what is a typically untapped touch point to passive and active job seekers while enhancing your employer brand. Start slow by scheduling one PR activity per month until you fully work it into your healthcare recruitment marketing.