The New Year kicks off new resolutions, new goals and typically in healthcare, new important hiring initiatives. Be ready to attract top candidates by having a solid plan in place.

Having an annual recruitment marketing and media plan is essential to the success of reaching and attracting potential employees while at the same time building a long term and sustainable employer brand.

This will require a skillful mix of content in many forms, social and digital media and applicant tracking technology. If you have not already done so, now is a good time to review and/or implement the following strategies in your recruitment marketing program:

Company Careers Website

The best approach is to look at your careers website from an applicant perspective.  Does the information on your home page and menu pages accurately reflect your organization? Make sure that your content, photos, videos and selling points of your healthcare organization are accurate and up to date.

Most importantly, ensure that your company careers site is all about the candidate, their experience and what’s in it for them.

Content Marketing

I’ve recommended previously that hospitals and health systems include a regular blog or video blog as part of their recruitment marketing. You can blog about job seeking and career advancement advice and expand on topics that may be of interest to your readers through ‘tips to’ or ‘how-to’s’. Conclude with a call-to-action to encourage visitors to subscribe to regular updates or find out more about your organization.

Social media channels

Your social media channels need to be audited periodically from a few different perspectives. You’ll want to ensure that the name, URL and colors/content are all correct and still accurate.  Review things like engagement metrics, number of followers, and referral traffic from social to your careers site. It’s important to keep a simple spreadsheet so you can track the percentage change month over month or at least every quarter.

Applicant Tracking System

If your ATS is frustrating your candidates to the point where they are abandoning the application process, that’s a major problem for your talent acquisition plan. A poor candidate experience not only costs your healthcare organization dollars, time and resources, but also has a negative impact on your employer brand.

According to CareerBuilder, nearly 4 in 5 candidates (78%) say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people.

What does your candidate experience say about your organization?

A good idea is for you and your HR colleagues to go the apply process yourself, so you can experience first-hand, any “pain” your candidates are feeling as they attempt to apply for your jobs.

Many candidates have a new career opportunity on their mind at the beginning of a new year.  Ensure your healthcare organization gets its share of them by having your recruitment marketing game together.

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