Employee Retention
Follow these tips for a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

Employee retention is a critical component to the success of an organization. It is important to understand which engagement, communication and reward strategies work best for your healthcare organization.

But with everything else on your plate, how can you effectively engage employees in order to reduce turnover? Here’s a few ideas that I have found to have worked over the years for our healthcare clients:

Provide Employee Development Tools

Helping employees understand their roles in the organization is the key to success for any company. Set attainable goals for your healthcare workforce and provide support to help them achieve those goals. Workshops, webinars or mentoring are all ways of furthering the education of employees and getting employees to feel invested in the organization.

Commit to exceptional employee care

You pride yourself on being a healthcare organization committed to providing exceptional patient care, so it makes sense to create a work environment that is also committed to exceptional employee care. Focus on decreasing negativity in the workplace and fostering an environment based upon mutual respect and appreciation to your dedicated employees.

Google Your Organization

What is the narrative being discussed about your company on the internet? Do you have current/former employees bad-mouthing your healthcare organization and hurting your online reputation? Know what is being said/spread so you can gain insight into the frontlines of your facility.

Hire Good Management

Keeping open communication between your healthcare employees and management can prove to be invaluable. Rather than employees feeling unhappy at work and searching for a new job or bad mouthing on social media, employee-manager relationships can make a huge difference in how an employee handles workplace frustration. Fostering a positive relationship and open line of communication that allows employees and management to work collaboratively towards a common goal can reduce turnover and improve workplace satisfaction.

Reward Good Performance.

Recognize employees who have achieved their goals or performed above and beyond the scope of their job. Whether that is financial reward, or non-monetary benefits (a great parking spot), people want to feel appreciated. Rewarding positive behavior leads to further positive behavior.

Employee engagement is one of the key drivers of overall company performance. By building these activities into your HR department, it will lead to long lasting positive effects such as higher productivity, improved work quality, and decreased job turnover.