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The implementation of a content calendar will get your social media plan organized and improve your recruitment ROI.

Healthcare HR teams often start social media campaigns with the best of intentions. The Facebook page is created, jobs are posted and a smattering of “Likes” appear on the page.

But what often happens is that social media activities get pushed to the side in the face of the hectic pace of interviews, meetings and other day-to-day activities.

They way to stay on track is by creating a healthcare recruitment content calendar for your social media activities. Follow these steps to get your social media plan humming like a well-oiled machine:

Assign social media tasks to someone on your healthcare recruitment team

As a first step, it’s important to create a reporting structure within your organization to handle the social media responsibilities. Assign someone on your HR team to help get your calendar organized.

They’ll do this by working with your ad agency, your healthcare marketing department and other HR team members to craft a strategy for posting. Consider an individual who may already have a baseline of knowledge when it comes to social media.

Create your calendar with posts for each day of the week

Now it’s time for your team to gather content and actually create the calendar. What this means simply is assigning a post in calendar format to each business day of the week. Saturday’s can be a posting day too but it is not essential.

I often tell clients to mix up the posts with a variety of things, not just job postings. Remember, you want to engage people with your posts so a mix of available opportunities, education and a snapshot in your company culture is best.

Your content should be a mix of the following elements:

  • Job postings linked to your Career website
  • Activities going on in your organization (charitable events, fundraisers, company outings). This provides the reader a look into your organization and why it is cool to work there.
  • Recognition of exceptional employees or the Employee of the Month
  • Special days or months on the calendar as it relates to your healthcare organization: Diversity days and National Nurses Week are good examples of this.

Take advantage of boosted posts and paid ads on Facebook

The simple truth about Facebook now is that it is pretty much a pay-to-play environment. What this means is that even if your page has thousands and thousands of likes, your posts are only seen by one or two percent of them.

However Facebook allows you the opportunity to boost posts to an audience above and beyond your “likers” so that a wider range of folks will see and like your content. When done strategically, this can also help you gain more likes and followers to your page.

Facebook also offers highly targeted paid ads, which works particularly well with nurses, allied health professionals, administrative staff and other hourly employees. Use the power editor to select your exact audience by geography, interest, occupation, household income and several targeting factors that will allow your ad to hit the nail on the proverbial head.

Creating and organizing a content calendar for social media may be foreign to your healthcare recruitment team, but with a little planning, research and collaboration the benefits to your hiring efforts will be many.