Effective Employee Referral Program for Healthcare Recruitment

Follow these tips to get all your employees involved, raise company morale, and fill you pipeline with top talent.

WHEN IT COMES to hiring talent, there’s no better return on investment like that of a referral for healthcare recruiters. Having a quality candidate brought in by one of your existing employees is good for morale and even better for your bottom line.

Chances are, the candidate already has a positive opinion of your organization and has come to your door without you spending a dime on marketing or taking the time to sift through resumes and present candidates that are not a good fit for the position.

While the benefits of a well run Employee Referral Program can be many, it takes planning, organization and execution to create a successful campaign.

Here are a few tips I would recommend to ensure your next Employee Referral Program is an epic success and memorable in the minds of your team and your boss:

  • It’s different than a Employee Referral Policy
    A Employee Referral Policy is something that’s buried in the back of a manual which is filled with all kinds of HR related things like paid time off and the company dress code. Instead, you’ll be launching a true, healthcare recruitment marketing program.
  • It should a have a distinct beginning, middle and end.
    If you want people to ignore something – in this case, your employees – don’t give them a deadline. A True Employee Referral Program starts with a bang on a specific date, has reminder messages about the deadline throughout the program and ends on a specific date. A good ERP should last 6 to 8 months.
  • It should have a theme
    I once concepted a ERP for a client with a grand prize for the most referrals being a trip to New Orleans. So I created a Mardi Gras themed kick off luncheon, complete with Cajun food, a brass band and mardi gras beads for all attendees. It created a fun memorable environment and helped kickstart momentum for the program. Think of your Grand prize and build the theme around it.
  • Pick specific job categories
    Choose hard-to-fill jobs to be part of your ERP. Skip the hourly positions and focus your employees efforts on referring candidates for the jobs giving you the biggest headaches.
  • Create a profile of you ideal candidate
    Keep your employees on point by giving them exact description of the type of talent you are looking for. Think skill sets, background and experience to paint a picture of your next great star.
  • Make it easy for employees to refer
    Set up a form on your company’s intranet, and have easy-to-fill-out paper forms readily available for your employees to refer candidates often.
  • Market the Bejesus out of it.
    A kick off party, posters in high traffic locations, table cards in break rooms, department meetings, prominent display on the company intranet and social channels, mentions in the employee newsletter and email are all examples of how to consistently get your message out.

Employee Referral Programs present you with an opportunity to get creative, lower your cost-per-hire and draw lots of positive attention to your hard working and sometimes under-appreciated department.