Twitter Clouds
Use these tips to source top talent on Twitter.

Every social media channel has its benefits and place in the world of healthcare recruitment. Facebook allows for you to offer a snapshot of your company culture while LinkedIn provides a platform for connecting directly with potential candidates. Twitter allows you to accomplish both of those things but in it’s own unique way.

Here are some tips to help you get things get started with Twitter or help enhance your results if you’re already under way:

1. Learn how to properly use Twitter. Like all social media sites, it’s important to understand the finer points and key nuances to properly utilize Twitter as a recruiting tool for your healthcare organization. From hash tags, @ symbols and character limits, to following and making lists, Twitter presents a whole host of features that may be unfamiliar to some healthcare recruiters. The only way to become proficient is to use the platform daily, learn from your mistakes and observe how experts use the site.

2. Vary your content. Before you start “tweeting,” create a strategy based on who you are trying to target such as physicians or allied health professionals. Post a skillful mix of content including job postings, original content, such as your blog posts, and healthcare industry-related articles.

3. Learn how to search Twitter. Twitter is all about hashtags so be sure to utilize them when doing your searches. There are several resources available to help you find and track which hashtags are best for healthcare recruitment.,, or Twitter’s Tailored Trends option are all some great places to start. You can convert those searches into an RSS feed which is a convenient way to keep tabs on your results.

4. Add videos or pictures– According to Webtrends, tweets that include pictures or videos receive 3 to 4 more times as many clicks as those without. Adding a video with some information about the positions available or a virtual tour of your healthcare organization might be the tipping point for a potential recruit.

5. Tweet regularly and interact with relevant followers– Staying active on Twitter will help show that your healthcare organization is on top of the latest trends and is proactive in finding the right employees.

Using your Twitter account should be an integral part of your recruitment marketing plan and can be a great way to find the right talent for your healthcare organization.