Developing and communicating your unique brand is the only way to attract top talent.

Ask any Talent Acquisition professional and they’ll tell you that the war for top healthcare talent is in full swing. It’s no longer enough for healthcare systems to simply market their programs and services to consumers. The reality is that these organizations must now market their attributes by applying the same focus and consistency to their employer branding as they apply to their corporate and consumer branding.

As a result, promotion of the talent brand is now front and center as a marketing initiative. There are many factors that have dictated this shift in focus over the past few years including the following:

A shortage of experienced talent: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States will be facing a shortage of more than 1 million nurses as many currently practicing nurses are trending towards retirement by the year 2020. In fact, the American Nurses Association indicates that there will be far more registered nurse jobs available through 2022 than any other profession, at more than 100,000 per year.

Competition for talent:  An unemployment rate of 4.7% as of December 2016 is the lowest in 10 years. Hospital and health system employers are in a difficult situation as it relates to supply and demand of top talent.

Fluidity of talent: Compared with earlier generations that spent their entire careers at one company, Americans now average a new employer every 4.2 years.

Given these recruiting challenges and the pressure to acquire the talent necessary to deliver on the hospitals promises to their community, a robust, well defined employer brand, effectively communicated across multiple channels is necessary.

Here are some key areas you can look at and questions you can consider in your organization to help develop your employer brand.


What about your organization’s leadership gives you confidence?

Who in your healthcare organization or team most embodies your values? What specific things can new hires learn from current team members?

What characteristics are you careful to avoid in employees/team members?

Wow Factor

If your healthcare organization succeeds, how will the world or your organization be different in five years?

If you’re at a party where nobody knows who you work for, what is the first thing you tell them?

Do you have a notably big fan (person/customer/group) who cares about you beyond their financial stake in the company?

Learning and Development

Is learning and development an ad hoc activity at your company, an everyday part of your work environment and culture, or a product of structured programs and offerings?

What gets highlighted in the employee review process? Beyond professional development, do you do anything to help team members grow as people?

What do people go on to do after working for your company?


What beliefs guide your hospital’s decisions and behaviors? Where did those come from?

Where can you clearly see those values in action?

Do team members get recognized when they embody your values?

Social Vibe

Do team members ever hang out together when they’re not working? What does that look like? How often?

What were the last couple company/team events?

What is fun about working at your facility? Do you have any traditions or rituals? How did they start?

Space and Location

Have you deliberately organized, located, or decorated your space? If so, what were your intentions? ·

Where is your health system located and what are your favorite places nearby?

Perks and Compensation

What perks do you offer, and why?

Free lunch, a notable location, proximity to transportation, day care?

How do these reflect your values?

Following exercises like this one are one of the steps necessary to help develop and define the key benefits offered by your organization and will help with the development and communication of a strong and sustainable Employer Brand.

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