Honest and open two-way communication are critical to Employee Retention.

Nearly every healthcare organization has a plan to attract and hire top talent but how many have a program designed to keep their rising stars happy and nurture their growth?

Many healthcare organizations are reluctant to discuss underlying organizational issues let alone address them head on with employees. But that can ultimately be a recipe for disaster. The following are a few ways you can head employee issues off at the pass and keep the staff you’ve worked so hard to obtain in the first place.

Provide ongoing feedback  

Employee feedback should be part of the overall work relationship not just given once a year during the performance review. Feedback should be given in various forms and at various times throughout the year when the opportunities present themselves.

And feedback doesn’t necessarily always have to be positive.

In fact, a study by the Harvard Business Review  of employee attitudes towards “positive” and “corrective” feedback revealed that 57% of respondents preferred receiving corrective to positive feedback.

When given properly, 92% believed “negative” feedback was effective in improving performance.

Manage expectations

The key to managing employee expectations is to be real, be specific and consistent. Whether its changes in the healthcare industry or your facility, or changes that will impact the employee directly, give employees a chance to adjust their expectations. Everyone wants a sense of certainty about their workplace. Not doing so can lead to an unstable work environment.

Give them a voice

You’d be surprised how quickly employee mindset changes when they are given an opportunity to speak their minds, share their grievances and give suggestions on how to improve processes.

A good idea is to take advantage of Glassdoor’s Employee Engagement Templates, which you can download from their site for free right here.

The templates include targeted invitations for candidates and employees to leave interview and company reviews on Glassdoor.  By soliciting reviews in advance, you have a better chance of keeping your employees happy.

The common thread among these points? Communication. Obviously, employee compensation is extremely important to employees but it’s only a piece of the equation. If employees feel marginalized, unappreciated and undervalued, then even the best of annual raises may not matter in the end.

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