Here are seven solutions that can be implemented now.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many hospitals struggled to hire enough staff to keep up with the nation’s growing elderly population. Now, with the growing patient demand and some healthcare workers themselves being told to stay home due to the virus, the need is exploding across the country.

  • Coronavirus adds to the stress of an already troubling nationwide nursing shortage
  • Nurses are in higher demand than ever with hundreds of healthcare workers being sidelined due to the coronavirus.
  • Healthcare workers with children home from school also struggling to get to work
  • Hospitals and Health Systems fear a potential “domino effect” in which nurses begin to get sick, and nurse staffing crisis would make the health crisis worse.

The following are solutions hospitals and health systems can employ now to meet the growing staffing demands:

  1. Make it EASY for nurses to apply. Creating a landing page with a “quick apply” button on your website or set up a dedicated careers website with content about why it is great to work for your hospital
  2. Create a new marketing campaign around this hiring initiative. Such as a “40 Nurses in 40 Days” Hiring Event. This helps create a “call-to-arms” mentality among your hospital community.
  3. Create an invitation-only virtual hiring event for experienced nurses
    Utilize social media targeted ads; email marketing to your own database; press releases;
  4. Institute virtual on-the-spot hiring where new nurses can be interviewed and hired via Zoom or Skype
  5. Create testimonial videos featuring your own nurses and staff on your careers website, social media channels and email marketing
  6. Enhance your existing offerings with the following ideas:
    • Crisis-pay Sign on Bonuses
    • Child Care Stipends
    • Shift differentials for those nurses working evening and night shifts
    • Increase referral bonuses to your existing nurses or start a new referral campaign now
  1. Use your hospital blog page or quick videos to communicate the ways in which you keep your staff from coronavirus

For more information on how you can implement these and other strategies into your recruitment marketing, contact Mike at

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