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Harness the power of social media to source, engage and hire new talent.

Healthcare as an industry had been slow to adopt social marketing, but recruiters are ow realizing that it is critical to get up to speed, in order to remain competitive.

Use of social media across the healthcare industry is currently at an all time high. Naturally, recruiters are following these professionals, and a new generation of recruiting specialists has been spawned: the “Social Recruiter”, seen as some as a hybrid of both HR and marketing.

According to Wikipedia, social recruiting (social hiring or social media recruitment) is recruiting candidates by using social platforms as talent databases or for advertising.

Social recruiting allows healthcare recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to extend their influence beyond HR.

To be successful as a social recruiter requires a strategy, a blueprint, and marketing goals that address 3 distinct approaches: Sourcing, Engagement & Distribution.

Strategy can be brief and not all 3 approaches must be used. Most crucial is doing it well in a way that best supports your healthcare employment brand and your hiring goals. Here are some examples of all three approaches:


This includes proactively searching for qualified candidates using a site like LinkedIn, along with its many tools and features.

Use your social media profiles and blogs to find and search for passive candidate data and information. Social sourcing also means posting jobs on social media platforms, networks or LinkedIn groups.


Communicating effectively in a way that speaks to your core audience, striving for two-way dialogue. Reaching out directly to candidates using LinkedIn tools like InMail allows the candidate to interact with your healthcare organization and recruiters to build relationships before, during and after the hiring process.


Using social to push candidates (both active and passive) through your social platforms for a continuous stream of new candidates to your healthcare organization.

There are many effective approaches to social recruiting…be sure to match your strategy with your healthcare organization. The only wrong way is to do nothing.