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Achieve your recruiting goals by using digital marketing to recruit top healthcare talent.

Recruitment advertising has significantly changed in the past several years. Print is no longer king and now digital advertising has taken the forefront in recruitment strategy.

Having the ability to pinpoint your desired audience and engage them with messages specific to their personal and professional life is paramount to your recruitment success.

In order for today’s healthcare recruiters to improve their recruitment ROI while attracting top talent, a more effective way to go beyond traditional avenues of advertising is needed.

Increase exposure for your healthcare organization’s career opportunities by following these tips:

Digital Display Ads

How often have you visited a retail or travel website and then began noticing related ads being served to you on the next 5 websites you go to. Whether you use Google Display Network or another ad network, targeted digital display ads are an effective way to pinpoint your desired candidate and reach them across the web.

Identify criteria specific to your ideal candidate and then tailor you message to that audience. Target based upon intent, behavior, interest, job title or industry. Geo-target by specifying a specific radius or drill down to county, state or zip.


Engage an audience that has already shown interest in your healthcare organization’s career opportunities. Serve an engaging digital display ad to job seekers who have visited your careers site or job posting. Coax candidates back to your site to apply by serving multiple messages promoting company highlights, job benefits and values.

Focus on Mobile

Mobile usage continues to surge forward, and if you are not using this medium to recruit healthcare talent, you are definitely missing the boat. According to a recent survey by, 78% of people in the U.S. would apply for jobs on their mobile device if the process were simple enough to do so.

It’s critically important to make sure that your website and application process is mobile-friendly, supported by a mobile marketing campaign utilizing digital display and re-targeting ads. These mobile users are on the go, so create an eye-catching message that quickly speaks to the job highlights with a distinct call to action.

Go Viral

Share buttons make it easy for people to share interesting jobs with family and friends. This online word-of-mouth can result in significant organic exposure throughout niche healthcare communities.

Social Media channels offer a great way to target a very specific audience. Great content being served to an engaged audience leads to shares, likes and expanding your candidate pool.

Utilizing digital marketing in healthcare recruitment proves to be an impactful resource by allowing you to reach and engage a highly targeted audience. The power of digital advertising lies in the targeting ability as well as the ability to drive interaction.