As baby boomers continue to retire, millennials will continue to make up more and more of the healthcare workforce.

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, in 2016, Millennials surpassed Gen X to be the largest generation currently in the US workforce.

As of 2017 Census data, 56 million Millennials (aged 21 to 36) were working or looking for work. By 2020, Millennials will account for half of the workforce.

The following are tips on how for hospitals and health systems can position themselves to attract and hire this new and emerging talent.

Use Modern Communication Channels

A large number of millenials are conducting their job searches entirely online and via social media. So it’s important to have a presence about your company culture on channels like LinkedIn and Instagram. 62% of millenials visit a company’s social media sites to find out about jobs so make sure you have a consistant presence on your social pages.

According to SHRM, the Society of Human Resource Management, a recent survey of more than 13,000 members of that generation found that 93 percent are interested in hearing about new job opportunities and 66 percent are open to talking to a recruiter via LinkedIn. So ensure that regular LinkedIn sourcing is part of your hiring strategy.

Manage Their Expectations Throughout the Process

Want to keep candidates from ghosting on you?  Communicate with them throughout the hiring process. Millennials value their time ad they have plenty of career options available, especially in healthcare.

According to ERE Media, an information and conference source for human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting professionals, millennials find companies with good opportunities and an efficient hiring process much more attractive. But like all professionals, what they can’t stand is someone going dark on them halfway through the process, only to pop back into their lives weeks later without notice.  If a job applicant feels like they’re being kept up to date with next steps, they’re much less likely to walk away from the opportunity. It’s a matter of keeping them in the loop.

Some healthcare organizations are now offering a “Yes or No in 48 hours of less” policy. While this may not be practical for all employers, it’s a fantastic way to stand out among competitors. Many potential hires are applying to several positions at once, so responding quickly can be the difference between losing them to a rival and adding new team members to your ranks.

 Illustrate their career path

 According to Forbes, 52% of millenialls say that career progression is their top priority and 35% are attracted to employers who offer excellent training and development programs. So it’s important to promote these aspects of your organization when targeting this audience.

This younger generation is tomorrow’s leaders, so it’s vital that employers who want to attract and retain this digital generation understand how they think and act. Healthcare organizations who are integrating millennial values and mindsets into their day-to-day work have seen better employee retention rates and ultimately better service for patients.

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