Doctor in front of a group of medical workers

Staff your facility with Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners by following these key tips.

The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) estimates that the U.S. will face a physician shortage of over 90,000 physicians by 2020, a figure that is only expected to rise. This impending shortage coupled with the boom of more and more outpatient facilities, is placing NPs and PAs into an increasingly important role in primary care.

To further illustrate this, Staff Care reports that in 2012, 10 percent of all staffing requests from hospitals and clinics were for mid-level practitioners, compared to just two percent in 2010.

With such high employment demand, recruiting top talent can be a challenge for healthcare organizations.

Here’s how can you consistently attract PA’s and NP’s to your organization:

Tell a great story

From your career site to online banners and job postings, make sure you let people know why someone would someone want to work for your healthcare organization. Candidates don’t care as much about the hours as they do about your company’s culture, values and goals. This is your opportunity to go beyond the boilerplate and convince a candidate to be interested in you as an employer.

Utilize Niche Job Boards and Association Career Centers

Find niche job boards drilled down to specialty but talk to the sales representative to ensure that you find one that gets traffic in your geographic location. A job board that caters to candidates and employers on the other side of the country will do you little good.

Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner associations are a good resource for attracting talent. In addition to job postings, often email blasts are an option. Look for local NP and PA groups and reach out to inquire about promoting your jobs to its members.

Market Your Jobs on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to reach mid-levels professionals. Craft an ad that clearly states the job title and specialty and include job highlights and perks. Use a visual component to get more attention to your ad and provide a clear call to action.

Share on LinkedIn

In addition to traditional LinkedIn job postings, you can connect with Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner groups. Connecting within groups allows you to join conversations, share relevant articles as well as promote your job openings.

Campus recruiting

Locate Universities in your area that offer PA and NP programs. Connect with these students by attending career days, advertising in campus publications and posting jobs in their career center to effectively reach alumni and new grads.

Cast a wide net

Be visible on popular job boards and aggregator sites to get maximum exposure for your open NP and PA positions. Chances are the traffic to your healthcare organization career page pales in comparison to the larger job boards, so posting on Indeed or Careerbuilder is helpful for getting maximum exposure.

Like any successful healthcare recruitment campaign, a strategy employing a skillful mix of online and offline tactics is the key. Be sure to constantly measure your results so you know which tactics are more effective than others enabling you to shift your marketing dollars accordingly.