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How to use Facebook for Healthcare Recruitment

Create and share great content to reach and attract candidates to your healthcare organization

There’s little doubt that in this day and age of healthcare recruiting, Facebook must be an integral part of any successful ad campaign. In fact, according to the recruitment blog The Undercover Recruiter, 67% of all job seekers using social media, use Facebook.

In addition to the sheer volume of users, healthcare recruiters can also benefit from Facebook’s laser-like targeting as well as its versatile ability to serve content to your audience in a variety of ways.

When thinking about your content for Facebook, try to strike a balance between good sharable content, such as blogs, articles and videos and the jobs you post.

Here’s some examples of good, sharable content for your Healthcare recruitment Facebook page:

Share your Blog

Your blog should be the hub of all of your social media activities and Facebook provides an excellent platform to share your posts. When you blog, you’ll be seen as a thought leader among your peers and potential candidates.

In your blog, you can provide your own unique spin on important healthcare industry news, or you can provide helpful tips to jobseekers. You can even showcase your employer brand with your blog. There are lots of ways to use it and it’s a good idea to collaborate with your team and brainstorm ideas.

Post about your company culture

Use your Facebook posts to talk about what it’s like to work at your healthcare organization and most importantly, what’s great about you. Talk about the redeeming qualities of your organization such as philanthropic and charitable causes you support, medical advancements of staff, and accolades won by your organization and individuals.


Nothing is more powerfully persuasive to a candidate then the positive words of a peer about the job that they love. Utilize your star employees to talk about your organization’s strengths such as teamwork, expertise, camaraderie and empowerment.

Testimonial videos can be exceptionally powerful and surveys indicate video is viewed more often then regular posts.

Job Postings

Your content mix must also include your current openings. Utilize Facebook for positions that would be appropriate for the platforms audience such as nursing and allied health positions.

Use images from your current recruitment marketing campaign for consistency sake and to reinforce your employer brand messages. It’s a good idea to pick set days of the week, such as Tuesday and Friday for job posts and a mixture of content on the other days.

Monitor your page

When posting on Facebook, always be ready to be responsive. There will be tons of questions about the position posted and any other possible positions. This is your chance to show how attentive and dedicated you are to your potential hires and you can use every response to promote your healthcare employer brand.

Follow these tips to turn Likes and Followers into applicants and new hires.