Instagram & stethoscope

The key to getting a candidate’s attention is to tell them a compelling story about your organization. 

Strategically smart healthcare organizations looking for top talent have figured out that the secret to getting a passive candidate’s attention is to tell a great story about their company – and there’s hardly a better social media channel to do that than Instagram.

According to Statista, a leading statistics portal, there are over 800 million Instagrammers – up from 600 million in December of 2016. In the US more than a quarter of adult Internet users are on Instagram, delivering healthcare recruiters a potential audience of educated, socially savvy and diverse professionals.

By sharing content that pulls the curtain back on how a healthcare system or hospital operates and why candidates should care, brand awareness is created. When that content begins to focus on things potential candidates desire in an employer, it becomes Employment Branding.  A visual medium such as Instagram is the perfect place to bring these stories and this content to life.

Here are a few tips on how to best leverage Instagram to promote and build your Employer Brand:

Use #ashtags

Use hashags to promote your recruitment brand at the end of your copy. Examples of this would be your hospital tagline or a catch phrase your organization uses for recruitment. For example, for one of our clients, we use the hashtag  #JFKLife. You should also use hashtags like #recruitment, #jobs and #talent. Tap into the keywords specific to the job, company, culture, or location you’re promoting, and by all means have fun with it.

Develop a strategy

Don’t post randomly or something that feels good in the moment. If the idea is to use Instagram to promote your hospital’s employer brand, then ensure that at least 70% of the posts are related to achieving that goal. Roughly, your goals for Instagram should be to similar to the following:

  • Increased awareness for your Employer Brand
  • Showcase company culture
  • Spotlight employees
  • Recruit talent
  • Foster candidate engagement
  • Share health system news or industry news
  • Build a more engaged community
  • Connect with influencers

What type of content to post – posts and stories

You should vary the types of posts and take advantage of Instagram stories to spotlight day-in-the-life vignettes and live stream of hiring or employee events. Showing break room camaraderie and team collaboration are also good ideas. Other types of content ideas include:

  • Employee stories
  • Community
  • Inspiration
  • Hiring Events
  • Diversity and inclusion

Be consistent

Be sure to have a schedule of posting for Instagram that is consistent and enough content so that you can remain on track. It’s a good idea to create a content calendar so your posts are created and can be scheduled. One to two times per day is an ideal posting amount on Instagram, but curate other posts only when necessary and beneficial to your audience.

Using Instagram as part of your recruitment marketing campaigns will enable you to influence candidate feelings about your healthcare organization without using the hard sales pitch strategies.
By being consistent, you’ll be able to stay ahead of your competition while telling honest, compelling stories about your people and your employer brand.
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