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Boost you recruitment success with a savvy use of social Media

Right now, your best potential candidates are probably hanging out on a variety of social media sites, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. If you go where they live, you’ll have limitless opportunities to attract top talent, efficiently and instantaneously. But first, it’s important to understand how to utilize Social Media to your best advantage with an AUTHENTIC, ACTIVE presence that can give you an unparalleled advantage in attracting top, healthcare talent.

Yes, it’s a noisy, over-crowded, ever-shifting landscape out there, but you can stand out as a sought-after employer with these 5 INSIGHTS into using social media to maximize healthcare recruitment potential.

  1. Healthcare Job Seekers are All About Social Media
    According to a recent CareerBuilder study, approximately 71 percent of health care candidates use Google search and 52 percent use job boards when researching job opportunities. But once they’ve identified those opportunities, they’ll turn to social media to find out the real “buzz” about your company culture. This means your website, Facebook page, Linked-in Profile and Twitter accounts all have to dynamically pull together to present an appealing, authentic picture of your organization’s work environment.
  2.  Make It Personal
    You already know that Linked-In as an indispensable tool for recruitment, both to attract talent and seek potential candidates. And hopefully, you have a compelling professional page with clear links to your website, job posts and other social media pages. But have you ever considered setting up a personal page for your individual recruiters? This can be a powerful way to reach out to candidates one-to-one, and help build a personal network of viable connections.
  3. Stay Active and Let the Ripple Effect Work for You
    Speaking of connections, every time you post on Facebook, send a tweet or update on Linked In, you get an instantaneous transmission to “fans, friends and followers,” creating a powerful, ripple effect that infinitely expands your pool of potential candidates. Put those ripples to work for you by frequently updating and sharing content via social media. And remember, content found through social media is more likely to be noticed and taken seriously.
  4. Social media is the Face of your Workplace.
    Along with salary, benefits and location, “company culture” has become one of the most compelling attributes for healthcare job seekers. Social media is your unlimited venue to present your company as an appealing, employee-centered place to work. Don’t disappoint. (No stock photography here, please.) Use real-people photography, post interesting tidbits about your current employees and make sure you come across as a caring, supportive health organization. This is particularly important for healthcare workers who may be leaving their current position due to a high-stress level or unresponsive management.
  5. Cultivate the Future Generation.
    Social media is your number one resource for reaching out to students and potential future candidates. Maintaining a consistent, appealing image across all platforms (and yes, we’re even talking Instagram here) will keep your company looking up-to-date, fresh and top-of-mind for future candidates.

Look for future blog posts with site-specific recommendations for optimizing your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other social media sites.