Do's and Don'ts
Knowing the new etiquette can make the difference in hiring the candidate you want.

“According to Statista Facebook has already reached 1.49 billion active users as well as 304 million Twittter users and over 107 million Americans registered on LinkedIn.”

It’s a noisy social media world out there and the rules are changing every day. However, when used effectively, social media can give you an unparalleled advantage in attracting top healthcare talent.

Here’s my list of Do’s and Don’ts in using social media for healthcare recruitment.


  1. Stay Engaged. For the top three networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s not enough to just post every once in a while. You need to be consistently updating your pages with interesting, relevant information. As I mentioned in a previous article, setting up a social media calendar is a great way to make sure these important recruitment tools don’t start to gather dust.
  2. Be Authentic. Being genuine and honest in social media works just like it does in real life — really well. The difference is in social media, you can’t easily erase your mistakes. Once it’s out there, it’s public record.   And, like email, online communication is also void of non-verbal cues, so you have to be extra careful that anything you post can’t be misinterpreted or misconstrued.
  3. Respond Promptly. You’ve set up your Facebook and Twitter pages beautifully, your posts are engaging and informative and, and you’re getting great responses! But if you don’t reply quickly, it is all for naught. Remember we are living in an era of instantaneous communication. All thoughts of 9 to 5 are out the window. If you see a candidate who has potential, contact that individual immediately…even if it’s just to say you can’t respond fully at this time, but will get back to them later.


  1. Don’t use social sites the same way. Liking, sharing, hash tagging and communicating on social media sites varies completely from platform to platform. The way you communicate with your audience on Facebook say, sharing employee of the month photos or stories about your employees may no be as appropriate on LinkedIn for example, where connecting with business contacts requires a different strategy.
    It’s better to consider what your goals are for each platform in advance and that will help fuel your decisions about what to post.
  2. Don’t friend a candidate.
    When it comes to social media for your healthcare organization, lets just pretend this feature didn’t exist. “Friending” a candidate on Facebook is not only inappropriate but can also be considered promissory of employment. A better choice when contacting a candidate via social media would be to utilize the message feature on LinkedIn.
  3. Don’t over-share.
    You know the annoying habits of people in your newsfeed who are notorious over-posters? Well the same practice can be equally annoying to potential candidates for your healthcare organization. Keep it to a post a day with one day being your blog content. Sharing too many personal things can be tedious to you audience too so keep it to a minimum.

Follow these rules to create your own pipeline of top talent and use social media as a strategic recruiting advantage.