Wordpress on Tablet with Stethoscope
Consistent blogging will give you a competitive advantage in the war for top talent.

Ask most healthcare recruiters about their marketing tactics and you’ll the usual litany about job boards, career fairs and email blasts. But one of most effective strategies is often the one most overlooked and that is having an active blog on your career website. In fact, the blog should not only be a tactic, but it can act as one of the central pieces in your overall marketing plan.

A healthcare recruitment blog can be about any number of topics and offers a treasure trove of both short and long term benefits. Here are a few of the biggies:

1. A blog will drive more traffic to your career site.

According to Hubspot, companies that blogged had 55% more website visitors than companies that didn’t. The reasons for this are simple: Google and the other search engines like content that is new and relevant to a specific industry or topic.

By authoring your own healthcare recruitment content, your career site will come up more consistently in searches by potential candidates. The more you utilize important keywords and phrases in your writing, the more your content will be served in search results.

2. The SEO juice is gold.

Once you consistently produce blog content, you’ll find that blogging will easily be the biggest factor in improving your career sites SEO and overall Page Rank.

Most people initially search for answers to their questions or problems before making a decision about their career. Your blog will not only produce more relevant indexed pages, but your regularly churned high quality content will allow for more opportunities for other sites to find and link to your website.

3. A blog gives a real snapshot of your company culture.

When potential employees are researching places to work, they want to have an understanding of what you’re all about as an employer from the inside. Your healthcare recruitment blog lets them do exactly that and more.

Your blog will allow candidates to understand the attitudes, experiences, beliefs values and management style of your organization. It can also illustrate that you’re not just a bunch of disparate individuals but actually a well-organized team that works together.

4. A blog lets candidates know where your company excels.

Perhaps your healthcare organization is known for cancer care, or pediatrics, or perhaps you do a great job at developing nursing talent. Great employees want to work for a company where they are challenged and can learn.

By illustrating your organizations expertise in a given area, you’re making a case for the best and brightest to come and work for you.

5. Be seen as an expert.

As a regular blogger, you’ll not only be considered as a thought leader for your industry, but someone who potential candidates will want to speak to about career opportunities. You’ll also expand not only your own personal brand but that of your healthcare organization.

Blogging is an activity that needs to be done consistently and requires a system for identifying and creating content. But with some organization and commitment the long term gains for your healthcare organization and yourself will be numerous.