LinkedIn Tools

Follow these best practices and become proficient in LinkedIn recruiting.

As many healthcare recruiters know, when proactively searching for qualified candidates, LinkedIn along with its many tools and features must be part of any hiring strategy.

LinkedIn is a the core of today’s recruiting function and a veritable gold mine of talent with over 300 million business professionals as members.

The most successful healthcare recruiters are the ones that know how to bring all of LinkedIn’s tools to bear. Here’s how you can use some of the better ones to your advantage:

1. Premium subscription

Get in the game with an upgraded premium LinkedIn subscription. Premium allows you to increase your visibility, expand your reach, create deeper engagement with contacts and search more precisely for qualified candidates for your healthcare organization.

With more connections, you can see more people, and more people can see you. Profiles within three levels or within shared groups show up in searches.

2. InMail

Reaching out directly to candidates using LinkedIn tools like InMail allows the candidate to interact with your healthcare organization and helps healthcare recruiters to build relationships before, during and after the hiring process.

3. Publishing platform

Utilizing the publishing platform on LinkedIn can be a critically effective tool for healthcare recruiters. When you publish your content on LinkedIn, you drive awareness for your employer brand, separate yourself from the pack as a thought leader in your industry and connect with passive job seekers who are seeking you out to read your content.

It’s a good idea to post your own content once per week as part of an overall LinkedIn strategy.

4. Home page status updates

There are lots of ways you should be using your Home Page for content delivery to your connections as a healthcare recruiter. You can share an article of interest or helpful tips to job seekers. Provide links to articles where you or a colleague were quoted or share an important announcement about your healthcare organization. Your status updates provide you with a way to give candidates a snapshot into what it is like to work for your company. This is an activity you should do daily.

5. Groups 

LinkedIn Groups provide an outstanding way to reach new connections and deepen relationships with existing ones for healthcare recruiters. As a member of a Group, you can both post discussions and participate in them. Choose groups that are most relevant to the type of candidates you are looking to connect with.

Think outside “recruiting groups” box to find fresh, qualified candidates that might be hanging out in other types of groups.

Create a calendar for each month that outlines what activity you’ll be doing on LinkedIn, and what day you’ll be doing it. Healthcare recruiting on LinkedIn is a process so gauge the effectiveness of what’s working and double your efforts in those activities.