Healthcare Employers need to consistently monitor and nurture their employer brand to win the war for top talent.

In today’s highly competitive labor market, it takes more than wages, benefits or location to consistently attract top talent. The best candidates want to know what the culture is like, what growth opportunities are available and how they’ll be treated as employees. All of these critical elements are commonly communicated through a healthcare organization’s employer brand.

When making a decision on where to apply for a job, 84% of job seekers say reputation of a company as an employer is extremely important. (Glassdoor, Harris Poll, April 2017)

Even if you’re struggling with acquiring talent, it’s never to late to shore up your brand and create a employer persona that is appealing to candidates. The following are some typical issues impacting a hospital’s employer brand and how you can fix them:

1). No online presence

Many healthcare organizations have their career “pages” buried within the sub menu of the main hospital website. That just wont do if a candidate is compelled to scroll endlessly looking for opportunities within your website. It’s also a mistake to not have dedicated social media channels for recruitment. The harder it is for a great candidate to understand what kind of an employer you are, the less chance you have of landing them.

Try This Instead: Create a coordinated, branded identity just for careers at your healthcare organization. These would include things like a dedicated career site and social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These will be the drivers of your healthcare employer brand.

2). Poor candidate experience

According to marketing, a leading marketing analytics company, 95% of unhappy customers share their experience, typically via social media. Do the same principals hold true as it relates to recruitment? Absolutely.

In fact CareerArc reports that nearly 60% of job seekers indicated that they had a poor experience when applying for a job.

If your healthcare organization has a 10 step process for applying for a job you’re going to experience a significant drop off rate and plenty of dissatisfied applicants.

Try this Instead: Enhance your hospital careers site and be sure it is fully integrated with your ATS, which will make the process much easier for candidates to find and apply for jobs.  Beyond the application process, follow up with candidates early and often, and thank them during each step of the hiring process.

3). Bad reviews

Terminated employees, rejected candidates, candidates frustrated with your application process, employees frustrated with their bosses – these are the populations that can reek havoc with your employer brand and their bad reviews can and will pop up everywhere – Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Twitter and of course…Facebook. Two many bad reviews and you can bet that potential new employees will run in the other direction.

Try this Instead: Create a plan to proactively solicit reviews from your employees to give them a chance to offer feedback and concerns. Glassdoor published a guide; Employee Engagement Templates to Help Improve Your Employer Brand. As a thank you for reading this blog, you can download it for FREE right here!

When you do get the inevitable bad review, don’t ignore it. Respond to online criticism in a way that shows that the organization is genuinely committed to improving. You can also create online and offline forums for employees to expose concerns internally before they turn to outside sites.

Failure to build a positive employer reputation can be costly in terms of the talent you attract but with a little time and attention, you can create an employer brand that can help candidates see the value of your healthcare system.

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