By using advanced digital marketing techniques traditionally employed in consumer marketing, recruiters can stand a better chance at bringing in more qualified candidates.

The modern recruitment marketing plan must be more like a consumer marketing plan and less like an old school recruitment plan. The reasoning behind this is simple: Today’s most sought after candidates consider new job opportunities and new employers the same way that they might consider buying a car, a home or any other consumer driven purchase.

Include the following elements in your recruitment marketing plan to ensure you’re speaking to your candidate:

Career website

Providing a quality candidate experience is the most important job for HR when it comes to Talent Acquisition. Not doing so could mean considerable applicant drop off and wasted recruitment dollars. Your careers website should be compelling, inviting and include strong calls-to-action for prospective candidates. Most importantly, the application process should be seamless and as easy as possible for candidates once they have made up their mind to apply.


Google remains the starting point for over 200 million job seekers each month, which means creating search-engine friendly, relevant and engaging content in various forms is a must for healthcare employers. From blogs, to job descriptions – every piece of content on you website is part of your online presence and offers opportunities to get your healthcare system in front of candidates.


In it’s simplest form – retargeting serves ads to potential employees who have already expressed some form of interest in your healthcare organization. In the same way that brands use retargeting to serve online display ads to consumers who have abandoned their website at checkout, retargeting can coax job seekers back to your careers site to complete their application. You’ve spent a good amount of your recruiting dollars to get that lead, retargeting allows you to convert a greater percentage of them.

Social Media Ads

Having a consistent, employer-brand focused, social media presence is an important first step for a social media program. However, serving paid ads to on LinkedIn and Facebook to potential candidates is an excellent, cost-effective way to reach a greater number of highly targeted audiences.

A recent Adweek report suggests that 92 percent of recruiters use social media to find the best candidates for each position.

 This is not that surprising a number when you consider the fact that click thru rates from social media ads perform better than other digital ads, and the cost is affordable enough for both smaller and bigger advertisers.

Social media advertising is a cost-efficient and hardly targeted option for healthcare employers reaching the right audience. You can tweak the demographic profile of the audience, the message you’re using or the budget at any given time.


Utilizing video in various formats and lengths is an important component to any recruitment marketing campaign. Video can be used for employee testimonials, or to provide a general overview of your facility or a specific department. It is also a highly effective tactic for creating a day-in-the-life segment and live streaming hiring events.


In addition to the fantastic SEO benefits provided by having your own hospital blog there are several other ways you can use it as part of your recruitment marketing strategy. Blogs can be used effectively to highlight things like specific career paths, building thought leadership and spotlighting your organizational culture.

Ten years ago, candidates began their job search on Monster, Careerbuilder and help wanted sections of newspapers. Today’s candidates are more likely to take a more considerate approach – asking trusted colleagues, doing online research, and reading reviews, testimonials and social channels have all become part of the new candidate’s due diligence.

Ensure that these marketing activities are part of your healthcare recruitment budget and review the analytics of each campaign to maximize the return on your recruitment marketing investment.


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