While there is no defining statistic, most businesses can get beneficial results from social media marketing. Many business owners like seeing their social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, etc., and more importantly, like seeing their social media posts “liked.”

The flip side of this is that many have no idea how to effectively measure the results or even what they should be measuring.   In fact, according to recent survey by the American Marketing Association, many organizations expressed frustration with not knowing how effective their social media marketing is.

Less than 40% marketers can measure the outcome of their social media marketing.

Less than 50% marketers are able to see a steady return of investment from their social media marketing.

Only 42% marketers feel positively about their Facebook activities.

While around 53% believe that social media engagement is the key metric, less than 40% believe that conversion rate is what matters.

Additionally, many business owners, frustrated with their inability to pinpoint social media marketing success, don’t rate social media as the key contributor to their business’ growth. Many don’t even know if social media has any impact at all.

The biggest disconnect seems to be that some organizations don’t fully embrace social because they don’t realize the importance or how impactful a marketing tactic it can be when done properly:

  • Increases Website Traffic:
    Nearly 72% of businesses confirmed that use of social media platforms helped to boost their website traffic.
  • Improves client relationships
    Social media marketing strategies helps small businesses engage with customers in the most effective manner. Social media marketing helps to connect with target customers and also solve their grievances right away. All customer queries can be resolved in real time.
  • Improves Search Results
    Google takes into account social content when ranking websites from user search queries. Enough good consistent social content will help get your business discovered by potential customers.
  • Builds your Brand
    Startups and small business owners or even smaller companies trading in larger industries such as community banks or credit union, often do not have the marketing dollars that the big guys have.  Targeted and effective Social media marketing can help them to build brand image with less investment and can even the playing field with the big marketers.

Social media when done correctly, can achieve all of this for your organization, but there are a few things to keep in mind. When considering your social media plan, remember it’s not about making sure something is posted daily – just for posting’s sake. We’re not checking boxes here. We need to be strategic. Put all of your content through the filter of “Does my audience need and want this right now?” “Does this serve them?” If the answer is no, or if the content put through this lens seems self -indulgent or of no useful value to your audience (posting “Happy Groundhog’s Day” comes to mind.) then don’t post it. Do post content of immense value to your audience and continuously measure the ROI of social.

Your business bank account doesn’t care about likes, comments and engagement. When measuring the effectiveness of your social, what you need to know is “How many appointments were booked? How many products were bought? How many people signed up for your class? How many people requested more information?

Yes, we want social to increase our brand’s reach and likability but at the end of the day the question needs to be asked if you’re using social media effectively enough as a marketing tool to promote and sell your products and services.

If you’re interested in getting more ROI from your social media marketing email me today mike@shorecreativegroup.com

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