It’s up to healthcare recruiters to think like marketers by putting themselves in the candidates’ shoes.

The way hospitals and healthcare systems recruit have profoundly changed over the course of just a few short years. The job market is now ninety percent candidate driven, which means that, unlike the old days, we don’t select talent any longer. Talent selects us.

When seeking a new opportunity, healthcare professionals consider prospective employers the same way they make any other buying decision including reading reviews, listening to testimonials and consuming informative content.

So in order to convert as many applicants as possible into new hires, its critical for healthcare recruiters to understand the journey that new talent take on their way to accepting the next career opportunity.

The following is a quick review of what that candidate journey looks like:


In today’s job market, the majority of candidates are passive, meaning they aren’t looking for jobs.

In order to get great candidates to apply for an open role, hospitals need to first market their company as a potential employer on platforms where passive candidates spend their time.

Most importantly it’s crucial to create great content that candidates will actually want to read, listen or watch and make your company stand out as a desirable employer.


Now that you’ve got their attention, you’ll want to provide prospective candidates with information that will increase their interest in your company. Therefore, you’ll need to have a content game plan that is consistent and on message.   Mapping out a robust content calendar with set deadlines will both ensure your story is being told in a thoughtful way, and it’s a surefire way to continuously generate interest among passive and active candidates.


At this point in the funnel, you’ll want to provide more specific information on your healthcare organization as a potential employer. Now’s the time to promote your open roles, benefits, perks, compensation and anything else a candidate needs to know before making an informed decision to apply.


While candidate’s may seriously consider your company in their next career move, there are several obstacles that prevent candidates from applying.

First of all, applying to jobs takes an absurd amount of time to create role-specific resumes, cover letters and portfolios that may never be reviewed. A simple solution — simplify the application and decision process. A good idea is to go through your company’s application process yourself – Is the process easy? Or is there a ton of friction involved that will turn off candidates.

Even if candidates make it this far and decide not to apply, keep them engaged with fresh, relevant and valuable content  such as a blog, videos, social media posts and/or an e-newsletter.

While it might not be the right time or circumstance for them to pursue your company, now is a perfect opportunity to grow your candidate pool that you can tap into when roles open up.

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