10 Tips for Getting More of your Emails Opened

Jan 22 2015


Separate studies conducted by Ascend2 and Gigaom within the past year found email to be the most effective digital marketing tactic, and the one that produces the best ROI. Email marketing is a relatively easy tactic to execute and measuring effectiveness is rather simple.

That doesn’t mean you should take it for granted.

Everyone’s inbox gets flooded on a daily basis. Most of us are receiving emails from multiple accounts on the same device.

If you want the people on your email list – people who were gracious enough to opt in to receive your emails – to continue to open and read your emails, you need to work to earn that privilege.

Every email should reinforce the fact that your company is worth the recipient’s time. Here are 10 ways to ensure this continues to be the case.

1) Write subject lines that make people want to click. Use words emotional words that make people feel a certain way. Use compelling statistics. Hit pain points. Focus on being clear instead of clever.

2) Set expectations. When people sign up to receive your emails, tell them what they should expect to receive. Be honest, and deliver on that promise. That’s how you get people to open emails, even when the headline is weak.

3) Get to the point. When people are constantly on the go, they don’t have the time or desire to wait for photos to load or read your clever intro, regardless of how spectacular you think they are. Deliver on the subject line’s promise quickly and powerfully.

4) Offer something useful. Don’t just email sales pitches and self-promotional messages. That’s selfish. And annoying. Make sure there’s something in it for your audience or they’ll have no reason to open your email.

5) Make it personal. Use your real name. Use the recipient’s name. Inject your personality into the headline and body of the email. Ask questions like you would during an actual conversation. Communicate like a friend, not a company.

6) Use a mobile template. Different studies offer different statistics about the percentage of emails opened on mobile devices. But they all say more and more emails are being opened on mobile devices. Why not use a mobile template to ensure the best possible experience? Just make sure it displays well in desktop browsers, too.

7) Have a reason for sending every email. Don’t send emails just to “keep your name out there.” Make sure you have something to say that’s worth the recipient’s time. Every email should have a specific purpose, value and goal.

8) End with a clear call-to-action. “Click here for more information” won’t cut it. Remind people of why it’s in their best interests to act, and tell them exactly what that action should be.

9) Pay attention to analytics. All the tips in the world aren’t as good as hard data that proves what’s working and what’s not. See what types of headlines and messages work best, and consider running A/B tests to compare different approaches.

10) Send a test email to yourself. Always. This may seem obvious, but when you see so many mistakes in emails, it makes you wonder why somebody didn’t take a minute to send a test email, proofread and check the links.

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