5 Steps to a Great Logo

Mar 05 2015


Just like a contractor doesn’t just show up at an empty lot one day and start building a house, a designer can’t just sit down in front of a computer and create a logo.

Designing a logo is a complex process that involves more than design software.

On the surface, a logo is a visual representation of the brand that consistently identifies your business. The logo makes it easy to recognize your company on your website, products, social channels, brochures, signage and anything else related to your brand.

In addition to the design elements, what really makes a logo unique is how it makes people feel. What does it say about your brand? What does it make others say about your brand?

This deeper, emotional level is what makes a logo successful and memorable.

Step 1: Discovery and Research

We start with the most basic part of your business – the company name. Why did you choose that name? What values do you want that name to represent?

What drives your company? What are your goals and vision?

Of course, the answers to these questions are dependent on your target audience. Who are they? Get beyond basic demographic information and think about their lifestyle and motivations.

What are the most common problems faced by your customers? What problem does your company solve and how?

What does your target audience think of your company? When your company is mentioned, what is their emotional response? What do you want that emotional response to be?

Step 2: Brainstorming

Now, the fun part. Pull out the old whiteboard and start covering it with ideas and concepts.

As the brainstorming unfolds, we begin to recognize which ideas have the most potential. We see which concepts truly represent the brand and are most likely to make people feel the way you want them to feel about your brand.

Eventually, we narrow the field down to two or three concepts that can be developed.

Step 3: Sketching

This can be done with a pencil and paper or a tablet. At this point, we’re not looking to create a finished product. We’re taking two or three rough concepts and chipping away at the rough edges.

In many cases, sketching is done without color. Color can be a distraction at this stage of the game. A successful logo will look impressive even in black and white anyway.

Consider how the logo will be used – the website header, a social media thumbnail, a t-shirt, etc. These are called logo applications and can often determine the structure of the logo. For example, you may need horizontal, vertical and square or circular versions.

Once the winning concept is chosen, we start to work colors into the logo.

Step 4: Refining and Finalizing the Concept

What color combination is most effective? How should the logo mark, the company name and the slogan (if a slogan is being used) be integrated?

What fonts will work best? Standard fonts are often used as a starting point, but it’s not uncommon for the final logo to have a completely unique font.

The answers to all of these questions should be guided by the emotional response that you want your logo to generate.

Step 5: Delivering the Finished Logo Package

You may want black and white and single-color versions of your logo. You may need different file formats for certain types of applications.

Once the logo has been finalized, we’ll deliver a package that has everything you need – various colors, horizontal and vertical versions, and more file formats than you’ll probably ever need.

If you want to create, redesign or modernize your company logo, call Shore Creative Group at 732-229-7100 or email mike@shorecreativegroup.com to schedule a free consultation,



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